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Wasabi and Sushi.Cloud deliver predictable, affordable, and high-performance storage & cloud compute

Key Features

  • Cost-effective with no egress or API request fees
  • Simple, intuitive interfaces for account creation and management
  • Agnostic, preconfigured containers for flexible and scalable development


  • Reduce cloud compute and storage costs
  • Upload and download your data fast
  • Easy to use, click and deploy in minutes

What is Sushi.cloud?

Organizations are increasingly interested in migrating performance or location-sensitive workloads to bare metal services because they are fast and easy to launch. The popularity of choosing a bare metal compute service from large hyperscalers shows no signs of slowing. With a private dedicated server, users control everything. They build their system the way they want and don’t need to be concerned about multi-tenant resource sharing, “noisy neighbors”, or virtual servers running on a hypervisor.

With Sushi.cloud, organizations can take advantage of high-performance bare metal cloud compute that is less than half the cost of other hyperscalers. Sushi.cloud allows users to store their data without the risk of unpredictable and outrageous fees of cloud service providers. Users don’t need to worry about accidentally leaving machines running or transferred data, driving up the monthly bill, making it challenging to keep track of cloud costs and disincentivizes users from building a multi-cloud architecture. Sushi.cloud makes cloud computing more affordable, accessible and simple for everyone.

Automated File Tiering & Archiving to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with PoINT Storage Manager

Why Wasabi and sushi.cloud Are Better Together?

Organizations are turning to a new generation of cloud service providers, ones without hidden costs and egress fees; vendors like Wasabi and Sushi Cloud. By eliminating these fees, organizations are free to move data back and forth between cloud services and are free to assemble cloud solutions using best-of-breed products like Wasabi and Sushi.cloud.

Wasabi and Sushi.Cloud offer a complete and secure solution for both managed object storage and cloud computing. Wasabi Hot Cloud Object storage offers organizations one tier of highly secure, low-latency storage that connects directly to your Sushi.Cloud bare-metal instance with enterprise grade stability and full control over your dedicated private cloud.

For workloads requiring more than 16TB of storage, Sushi.Cloud and Wasabi have partnered to provide seamless interoperability between compute and object storage. Customers can securely transfer data between the two platforms at no additional cost. This allows organizations to store large volumes of data, images, and video on Wasabi and deliver them to Sushi.Cloud for compute workloads for just a fraction of the cost they would incur by using large hyperscalers. This allows organizations to do more with their data, accelerating discovery and innovation.

The Wasabi and Sushi.Cloud solution eliminates data transfer fees—both between Wasabi and Sushi.Cloud and the end-user—creating a highly predictable pricing structure for compute-intensive environments.

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