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Leading Construction Group Stefanutti Stocks Improves Document Management and Reduces Backup Costs with Wasabi+Veeam+Docwize


  • Construction

Use Cases 

  • Document Lifecycle Management / Archiving / Backup


  • Reduce cloud storage costs,long-term record archival


DocWize + Veeam Backup & Replication + Wasabi


  • Ease of configuration and management
  • Integration into DocWize using Wasabi’s APIs
  • Native support with Veeam
  • Increased overall data retention
  • Substantially lower costs when compared with previous storage provider

“When we engaged with Wasabi we found a partner who ticked all the right boxes. Wasabi’s team was welcoming and provided us with the test environment we needed in a very short time.”
-Kevin Wilson, General Manager, IT Services


Stefanutti Stocks is one of South Africa’s largest multidisciplinary construction groups with over 7,000 employees. Stefanutti’s offering extends across a wide scope of supply including the construction of fixed infrastructure, municipal services, as well as mining and industrial facilities.


Stefanutti has vast amounts of records from completed projects that need to be kept for future analysis and access. The company also needed to reduce the archive and backup storage costs while allowing themselves room for further data growth.

Leading Construction Group Improves Document Management and Reduces Backup Costs


Stefanutti uses a locally developed document management solution called DocWize that stores and maintains all of their project related records. As this requires high storage volumes, the company partnered with DocWize to develop an S3 compatible integration. At the same time, they had been experimenting with S3 compatible Veeam integration which worked well, but at a high cost for ingress/egress. Stefanutti soon realized that their existing storage provider costs would balloon significantly. “As the projects that created the records have been completed and no longer generate revenue, the cost of the storage is a key factor. Unlike backup and archive data, records are accessed more regularly, so egress costs are a large factor,” said Kevin Wilson, General Manager of IT Services at Stefanutti Group. A solution had to be found! “When we engaged with Wasabi we found a partner who ticked all the right boxes,” said Wilson. “Wasabi’s team was welcoming and provided us with the test environment we needed in a very short time.”


Once Stefanutti was confident with the features and speed of Wasabi, the cloud-team was tasked with delivering this service to DocWize and Veeam. Through their partnership with DocWize, Stefanutti was able to quickly automate the process and minimize the data center storage required. Wasabi’s API provided the feature set we needed to achieve a seamless integration, keeping the end-user experience unchanged. “Integration into our existing document management system as well as our existing backup platform was a key factor. Wasabi gave us both at a price point well below the competition,” said Wilson

As Veeam already supported Wasabi natively with “Scale out Backup Repositories”, the configuration only took a few minutes to set up. Due to the large cost savings, the Stefanutti cloud team was able to increase the amount of retention beyond what was previously possible while still reducing costs.

“Overall, Wasabi has significantly lowered our storage costs and increased our storage performance. This has enabled us to expand our service-offering to our group of companies,” Wilson said.