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Manage Data in the Cloud with Rubrik and Wasabi

Key Features

  • Fast data recovery with predictive global search
  • Policy-driven backup, replication, and archival
  • Easy configuration
  • Scale on demand
  • Multi-region support


  • Simplify backup and recovery
  • Consistent throughput and performance
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

A Single Solution for Backup, Recovery, and Archival

As enterprises migrate applications to the cloud, it’s incumbent on IT to deliver core data protection capabilities (backup, disaster recovery, archival) to maintain instant data accessibility through disasters, data loss, service outages, etc. Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform provides a cloud-native approach to manage the lifecycle of data, from creation to expiration, to drive better performance and operational continuity at lower costs. Rubrik’s comprehensive data management delivers instant access, automated orchestration, and enterprise-class data protection and resilience.

Wasabi hot cloud storage is supported as a public cloud object storage target through Rubrik’s software platform. Wasabi hot cloud storage is fundamentally transforming the industry, with disruptive price and performance advantages over other cloud and on-premises storage solutions. Unlike legacy cloud storage services with confusing storage tiers and complex pricing schemes, Wasabi is extremely easy to understand and implement, and incredibly economical to scale. One product, with predictable and straightforward pricing, supports virtually every cloud storage application.

By using Rubrik and Wasabi together, enterprises free data from underlying infrastructure for ultimate workload portability and lower costs. Cloud vendor lock-in can be avoided by migrating data from public cloud to public cloud to optimize application service quality. With Wasabi, there are no egress fees, meaning that data transfer out from public cloud provider to the internet will never incur a charge.

Data Management For Cloud Applications

For cloud applications, Rubrik Cloud Data Management can also run as a software instance in public cloud to scale protection in-line with cloud service consumption. Protect cloud-native applications (such as Windows and Linux- based applications, SQL databases) by writing to Wasabi’s hot cloud storage.

Archive cloud-native data to Wasabi’s hot cloud storage. Ensure instant accessibility of archived data with Rubrik’s real-time predictive search leveraging Wasabi’s high performing cloud.

Manage Data in the Cloud with Rubrik and Wasabi