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Powering and Protecting Data-Driven Organizations with High Performance Hybrid Storage

Key Features

  • Pure SafeMode immutable snapshots
  • Wasabi S3 Object Lock immutability
  • Manage billions of objects with maximum performance
  • Infinitely scalable cloud object storage
  • No egress or API fees


  • Scalable performance no matter the dataset size
  • Meet ever-growing demands of modern DevOps environments
  • Improved data security
  • Reduced cloud storage costs and complexity
  • Predictable cloud storage pricing


Organizations are collecting, storing, and analyzing more data than ever before to gain actionable insights into their business, inform decisions, improve products and services and gain actionable insights. In particular, more unstructured data sets (i.e. video, audio, logs, sensor data, etc.) are being captured for the valuable insights they can reveal. To get the greatest benefit from this disparate data, it must be efficiently stored, easily accessed, and highly available.

Typical enterprise storage environments separate file and object data which is inefficient, difficult to manage, and costly. What’s needed is a modern data infrastructure that can handle huge volumes of files and objects concurrently and is powerful enough to keep up with today’s big data analytics platforms and algorithms. Also, the data infrastructure must be sufficiently backed up, replicated and hardened against today’s increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks, disasters and general mishaps.

Pure FlashArray for Performance and Capacity-Optimized Storage Workloads

Pure Storage® offers modern, NVMe storage for critical workloads (FlashArray//X™), all-QLC capacity-optimized storage (FlashArray//C™), and all-flash file and object storage (FlashBlade//S™) to address a variety of workloads.

Pure Storage FlashArray//X

FlashArray//X boosts the performance of business-critical apps like ecommerce, while FlashArray//C combines unique data-reduction technologies to deliver the most usable effective capacity for capacity-sensitive workloads. FlashArray™ gives enterprises the high performance and reliability needed to support large scale organizations, all at a price point that greatly outperforms traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage. Both FlashArray//X and FlashArray//C enable low latency operations even when dealing with petabyte-scale data environments.

Both systems leverage the Purity operating environment and support the S3 object API, allowing seamless connection to the public cloud for even greater capacity, security, and a better overall TCO.

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Pure Storage FlashBlade Delivers the Fastest Unified File and Object Storage

Pure Storage FlashBlade® is the industry’s most advanced all-flash storage solution that consolidates file and object data. FlashBlade//S has established itself as the leading high-performance unified file-and-object platform for unstructured data-intensive workloads. FlashBlade goes beyond what traditional scale-out NAS can accomplish, providing massive throughput and parallelism to support tens of billions of files and objects with rich data services and petabyte recovery restore at scale. FlashBlade and FlashArray also support Pure SafeMode™ Snapshots, an immutable data snapshot methodology that secures backup data and metadata from ransomware attacks or accidental deletion. SafeMode Snapshots provide true immutability, and can’t be erased, deleted or destroyed, even if administrative credentials are compromised.

Pure Storage FlashBlade//S

The Purity operating environment provides a single orchestration layer for management, monitoring and analysis of all data. Purity//FB provides high-performance, native support for NFS, SMB and S3 object protocols, and enables effortless data replication to public cloud storage for off-premises security, longer-term retention, and lower costs.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi is a universal, one-size-fits-all cloud object storage service that eliminates the complexity and expense of other cloud storage services. Wasabi offers a single tier of high-performance storage that is 80% less costly than Amazon’s S3 service and does not include any of the costly and unpredictable fees for data egress, API calls and other data management actions. A parallelized system architecture delivers superior read/write performance, so users can rapidly move data in and out of Wasabi.

Wasabi is engineered for extreme data integrity and security providing eleven 9s of object durability. Wasabi also supports data immutability via S3 Object Lock to guarantee that stored data cannot be deleted or altered by anyone in or outside of your organization for the period set by the user guaranteeing that recovery point objectives (RPOs) are met.

An Unbeatable Hybrid Storage Combination; cost-effective long-term retention with Pure Storage and Wasabi

Wasabi hot cloud storage is a perfect complement to high-performance Pure Storage FlashBlade and FlashArray storage. While Pure Storage powers the big data analytics that drive business innovation and provides near-instant recovery in the event of a data loss, Wasabi offers a cost-effective, off-premises tier of storage that integrates with Pure Storage Cloud Snap to complete a 3-2-1 backup strategy. And since Pure and Wasabi both support data immutability, organizations can be assured that data restorations are accurate and can be trusted no matter if they are performed locally or delivered from the cloud.

IT departments are under significant pressure to manage rapidly growing data sets, maintain complex infrastructure, and protect their organization’s mission critical information while facing the constraints of limited budgets. Pure Storage and Wasabi deliver a multilayered defense to data loss along with the scalability, flexibility and agility that organizations need to succeed in today’s data driven world.