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Ransomware-Proof and Cost-Effective Data Protection as a Service with Hot Cloud Storage from HYCU and Wasabi

Key Features

  • Purpose-built data protection as a service for native cloud and on-premise applications
  • Always available data management with granular disaster recovery
  • Cost-effective consolidated platforms that scale to any cloud application
  • Reliable and responsive data management with instant access to cloud storage data
  • Simple recovery testing without egress costs
  • Policy-based data protection extending to cloud storage for risk mitigation
  • Advanced ransomware protection using object lock storage for data immutability


  • Cost effective and predictable backup as a service with cloud storage to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Mitigate risk using backup and disaster recovery
  • Efficient backups, restore requests at speed with greater flexibility
  • Reduce cloud storage costs and complexity


As more organizations migrate to the cloud, relying on generic backup solutions for specific cloud applications can be challenging for IT organizations. Concern over effectiveness and viability for how data management and protection will impact specific platforms while managing overall solution cost is always top of mind.

HYCU has created purpose-built applications for supporting backup and disaster recovery for mission critical platforms that drive businesses.Their application-centric data migration, protection and management solutions that are tailored to organizations’ needs with simplicity and efficiency in mind. HYCU’s Protégé platform is designed to work with specific applications as a service without overhead or deployment logistic concerns. This application first approach creates the ability to quickly and easily move workloads from on-prem to the cloud quickly as needed. Couple this with the significant reduction in total cost of ownership and you get a formula for success.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering low-cost, fast, and reliable cloud storage on-demand. Wasabi’s solution is 80% less expensive and is faster than first-generation cloud vendors. Wasabi hot cloud storage is designed with eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability and data immutability that guarantees stored objects cannot be deleted or modified by anyone. Not only is Wasabi 80% less expensive to store data than traditional cloud providers, but there are also no fees for egress or API requests. Wasabi keeps all data “hot” so it can be accessed in milliseconds. All HYCU and Wasabi customers can treat their data as hot data, so they can shorten upload windows and quickly access their data for faster restore times.

Learn More about the Wasabi & HYCU Solution

HYCU and Wasabi Bring Security and Predictability to Application Backup

HYCU’s application backup software empowers businesses with a comprehensive data protection solution. Combined with Wasabi hot cloud storage, which can be set as a destination for HYCU data, customers gain greater cost savings and security. Wasabi’s single tier of storage is 80% less than the closest comparable performance tier from AWS. Additionally, Wasabi’s lack of egress fees make restorations not only free but predictably priced month-to-month. HYCU customers looking to store backups offsite for a higher degree of protection now have a cost-effective solution with Wasabi’s managed public cloud service.