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Comprehensive, simple, and scalable data management solution with complete cyber protection

Key Features

  • Secure, cyber resilient data protection solution
  • Simplify the backup redundancies with direct-to-cloud primary and secondary copies
  • Leverage low-cost cloud object storage with advanced backup and recovery solutions


  • Advanced cyber security for a complete data protection solution
  • Lower overall IT operations and data recovery costs
  • Simple to manage platforms allows seamless and cost-effective scalability for explosive data growth management

A Cyber Security Backup Powerhouse with Immutable Cloud Storage

In today’s relentless digital landscape, backup is not just a safety net; it’s the cornerstone of proactive data security and unwavering cyber resiliency. With the evolving threat landscape, mere storage is insufficient. Acronis Cyber Protect addresses these challenges by integrating backup and recovery with cybersecurity. This revolutionary approach eliminates fundamental complexity challenges, delivers better protection against today’s advanced threats, and maximizes resource efficiency.

Wasabi Cloud Storage and Acronis Cyber Protect seamlessly combine to provide comprehensive backups and secure, easy-to-manage and affordable cloud storage to help businesses manage storage costs and complexity. Acronis Cyber Protect seamlessly combines advanced cyber security features with industry leading data protection to provide a complete, streamlined cyber resilience solution. Backing up to Wasabi’s immutable object cloud storage gives users access to cyber resilient cloud storage that is 80% less expensive than AWS with no fees for egress or API requests, making Wasabi an ideal destination for both active and archival data.

Wasabi and Acronis for a seamless and complete cyber protection

With Acronis Cyber Protect, you can copy and restore your backups directly to the cloud eliminating the need to manage additional gateway machines. Acronis provides advanced cyber protection for every endpoint in any location and combined with the cyber resilient features of Wasabi such as Multi-User Authentication, organizations can be assured that both their data and account is safe. Seamless integration and management of the combined cyber protection solution ensure that organizations can reduce complexity, scale efficiently and provide flexible data management solutions.

Together, they offer a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to back up their data directly to Wasabi’s ultra-secure and cost-efficient cloud storage, ensuring unparalleled protection and peace of mind. From backing up and restoring Windows, Linux, and virtual machine data to recovering systems with bare-metal restore capabilities, Acronis provides a comprehensive solution that leaves no stone unturned. Now, with the ability to back up directly to Wasabi’s cloud storage, businesses can elevate their data protection strategies to unprecedented heights.

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