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QNAP provides network attached storage (NAS) solutions supporting file sharing, storage management, surveillance, and S3-compatible cloud backup

Wasabi is validated for use with multiple QNAP applications to provide backup, remote mount, and extended storage capacity towards Wasabi.

Flexible Hybrid Cloud Solution: QNAP and Wasabi

QNAP Cloud Storage Gateway is a hybrid cloud storage application that connects your local storage to Wasabi cloud storage. Featuring protocol conversion, QNAP Cloud Storage Gateway converts Wasabi cloud storage into storage spaces or volumes, allowing you to access cloud-based data using file-based protocols (e.g. SMB, FTP, NFS, AFP) or block-based protocol (e.g. iSCSI). This allows seamless transfer of local data to cloud storage via QNAP Cloud Storage Gateway without modifying local applications. Whether it’s enterprise IT that requires a hybrid cloud environment or backup data generated by local applications, QNAP Cloud Storage Gateway can fulfill application needs while providing low-latency access to data in Wasabi cloud storage.