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Wasabi works with our Technology Solution Alliance Partners in the development of innovative joint cloud storage solutions. Wasabi's Performance and Certification Team (PACT) helps support interop certification with the Wasabi Hot Storage service.
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Wasabi Technology Alliance Solution Partners

Wasabi is looking for Technology Alliance Solution Partners to help support our customer’s needs for end-to-end storage solutions. Wasabi recognizes that most of our customers use our Hot Storage service as part of a broader solution that includes a wide variety of storage applications, gateways, and other storage platforms. Wasabi’s Technology Alliance Solution Partners play an essential role in developing and supporting the end-to-end storage ecosystem.

In support of our customer’s storage solution ecosystem, Wasabi’s Performance and Certification Team (PACT) continually tests and certifies a range of storage related products for use with our service. The Wasabi PACT team performs the interoperability testing either independently or in close partnership with our Technology Alliance Solution Partners. We welcome partners in this area because it allows for the sharing of expertise and the creation of joint application notes and solution briefs. We also work with our Technology Alliance Solution partners on co-marketing activities including joint webinars.

A list of the third-party products we have interoperated with to date is provided here. Because Wasabi is 100% bit-compatible with Amazon S3, it has been our experience that any tool, gateway, or related product that is S3-compatible also works seamlessly with Wasabi.

Please contact us if you would like to conduct interop testing with Wasabi and become a Wasabi Technology Alliance Solution Partner.

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