Opti9 provides AI-powered ransomware protection and disaster recovery for Veeam and Wasabi backup solutions.

DR-Ready for Wasabi and Veeam

Wasabi + Opti9 DR-Ready

Strengthen your Wasabi and Veeam Backup strategy by utilizing DR-Ready by Opti9 for a cost-effective solution to ensure business continuity during disaster events.

Wasabi + Observr

The Wasabi and Observr joint solution couples Veeam’s best-of-breed backup and replication software, Wasabi’s secure cloud storage service, and Opti9’s innovative ransomware detection technology to instantly strengthen customers’ security posture when it comes to their backup strategy. Observr detects anomalous actions at a frequency that may indicate ransomware or other malicious activities are occurring. This includes monitoring changes to job definitions, encryption settings, retention settings, backup and replica sizes, deletion events, disabling jobs, and incremental backup and replica change rates. Observr also provides access to Opti9’s hybrid cloud management platform, OptiX dashboard, along with a 24×7, 15-minute SLA, and a suite of Veeam-specific reports and tools. 

The Anatomy of an attack:


Wasabi + Opti9 DR-Ready

Strengthen your Wasabi + Veeam backup strategy by utilizing DR-Ready provided by Opti9. If your organization utilizes Veeam for offsite backups on Wasabi, DR-Ready is your cost-effective solution for ensuring business continuity during disaster recovery events. DR-Ready extends recovery capabilities beyond regular backups, eliminating the need for data duplication or dedicated disaster recovery infrastructure.

Together with Wasabi & Opti9 you can achieve 24/7 monitoring, scanning and alerting of your Veeam backed up data to ensure full recovery that is managed in a self-service portal.

Simple to deploy, you simply need your Wasabi API key and you’re ready to go! Simple and predictable pricing with both Wasabi and Opti9, you have no surprises on your bill to feel confident in a disaster recovery situation.