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Panzura enables local, hybrid and in-cloud data workflows for NFS, SMB, and mobile clients

Global file systems purpose-built for the cloud

Panzura provides global file systems purpose-built for the cloud to reduce complexity and costs while accelerating growth. With the increased need for remote collaboration coupled with exponential data sprawl, Panzura customers are able to leverage a high-performance cloud file solution that offers operational efficiency and data security and ransomware protection. Now customers can consolidate data from multiple locations into a single platform for total visibility over your data. Wasabi hot cloud storage provides to further reduce storage costs and complexity while enabling innovation at the speed of business. The integration between Wasabi and Panzura offers scalability and flexibility with superior cost savings and data protection.

Cloud Mirroring with Wasabi

Panzura also offers a cloud mirroring feature wherein data can be written to two clouds in parallel. In the event of a service interruption to the primary cloud, your data can still be accessed through the secondary which is regularly synchronized to maintain parity between the two clouds. The automatic fail-over of Panzura’s cloud mirroring ensures business continuity during a lapse of service and avoids any associated downtime from an outage of a single cloud provider automatically without the need for human intervention. Wasabi can be used in this way as a destination for secondary storage in the cloud. Data can be stored inexpensively and accessed quickly without additional fees for data egress, making Wasabi ideal for second copy storage and disaster recovery.