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I'm Nate. I'm the Director of IT. We are OUT OF SPACE. We have to migrate to the cloud, NOW!

Listen to My Plea
Nate btw servers

Migrate with Nate.

Nate knows his company can’t possibly afford all the hardware they need for on-prem storage. He knows he pays more in just one year’s hardware maintenance than he would to store his data on Wasabi. He knows that if you don’t move to the cloud you’re gonna be screwed.

He also knows Wasabi is your best bet. Listen to Nate.

Wasabi makes buying cloud storage a no brainer

If you are thinking about buying more hardware storage, compare the price of storing 100TB of data against 5 years of Wasabi.

Hardware Provider


Base: $129,728
5 years maintenance (18%/year): $116,755

Wasabi Cloud Storage


So, why Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage? Glad you asked.

80% Less than AWS S3
No Egress Charges
No API Request Charges
Faster than the competition
Quick uploads & downloads
Private Network options
Data center redundancy
11x9s durability
Immutable storage

It's hard to argue with the facts. Look at how much you'll save with Wasabi compared to our competitors.

Learn more about your potential savings
Storage Amount
1 TB
1 PB
Percentage Downloaded Per Month
$2,995 per month
$35,940 per year
Amazon S3
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

Ok, so YOU'RE convinced, but now you need to convince your BOSS?

Nate's got you. Here are a couple resources about moving from on-prem to cloud with Wasabi. We're pretty sure once you share the benefits and ease of migration, it'll be a quick conversation.

Cheaper, Faster, and

Your Data is Protected.

Migrate with Nate today.