Wasabi hot cloud storage is designed to be used with S3-compatible storage applications that are typically obtained by our customers.  To make it easier to find the right app, Wasabi has validated over 200 third-party S3-compatible apps for use with our service.  A full list of the validated apps and instructions on how to configure them for use with Wasabi is provided in our knowledge base.

For customers that are not yet sure which S3-compatible storage app to use with Wasabi and simply want to access Wasabi in their Windows or Mac environment, we do provide the free Wasabi Explorer (powered by MSP 360) desktop app described below.   Because the free Wasabi Explorer app does not provide all of the functionality our customers may need, we also recommend several third-party apps that can be used for the simple use case of mounting hot cloud storage as a disk volume.

If you are not sure if you need a simple app to mount cloud storage or if you need an automatic backup app, then please review this article for additional guidance.

Download links and instructions for both sets of apps are provided below.

Wasabi-provided Apps

These apps are provided and supported by Wasabi.  These apps allow you to share files between your Windows or Mac host but do not allow you to mount Wasabi hot cloud storage as a disk volume.

Wasabi-recommended third-party Apps 

These apps are provided and supported by the third-party app provider.  These apps generally provide more features than Wasabi Explorer, including the ability to mount Wasabi hot cloud storage as a disk volume on your Windows or Mac host.