Cloud Lock-In

What is cloud lock-in?

Cloud lock-in (also known as vendor lock-in or data lock-in) occurs when transitioning data, products, or services to another vendor’s platform is difficult and costly, making customers more dependent (locked-in) on a single cloud storage solution. Some vendors, like AWS, lock-in customers by charging excessive transfer fees to move data out of their cloud, and other cloud companies lock-in customers by limiting their products’ integration potential with other vendor products.

How can enterprises avoid cloud lock-in?

Nearly half (47%) of organizations surveyed by IDG listed cloud lock-in as their top cloud implementation challenge. Luckily, organizations can use Wasabi hot cloud storage as part of a multi-cloud implementation to improve choice and avoid vendor lock-in. Wasabi offers direct, high-speed connectivity to AWS and other popular IaaS and PaaS solutions through partnerships with leading colocation, carrier hotel and exchange providers like Equinix, Flexential, Limelight Networks and Megaport. These private network connections avoid internet latency and bottlenecks, providing fast and predictable performance. And unlike with first-generation cloud providers, we have no charges for egress or API requests that are often required with a cloud to cloud data transfer.