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eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform that provides users an intuitive web interface to collaboratively produce, share, and deliver video

eMAM and Wasabi have partnered to offer a hot-archive solution created to enhance media production and organization by keeping high resolution media in a near continuously active state at a fraction of the cost.

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Heated Media Management

One of the biggest hurdles facing modern media workflows is the management of massive amounts of data. To stay competitive, media companies must take advantage of the most efficient cloud storage available to keep pace with production while keeping costs low.

Wasabi and eMAM’s joint solution takes the guesswork out of media management. eMAM is a scalable and feature-rich media asset management system that provides integrated automated workflows with best-in-class technologies to collaboratively produce, share, and distribute content worldwide. Wasabi’s cloud storage is a fraction of the cost of similar solutions while keeping your media instantly accessible and available wherever you are.