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Data is growing in importance as fast as it is growing out of control. Wasabi is on a mission to store the world’s data by making cloud storage affordable, predictable, and secure with no fees for egress or API requests. You pay for what you store and access it when you want. Welcome to the bottomless cloud.

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We believe data is one of your most important assets

Why lock it away in cold storage? Or worse, delete it to avoid costly hardware upgrades or unpredictable cloud storage fees? With Wasabi, you can afford to store all your data and access it whenever you like. Free from annoying fees. Free from complexity. Free from worry.


With pricing up to 80% less than the hyperscalers, and no fees for egress or API requests, you can store endless amounts of data without breaking the bank.


Let our reliable service and predictable pricing with no hidden fees take the surprises out of your cloud storage experience.


Our single tier of universal cloud storage has been validated to work seamlessly with hundreds of S3 applications and services.


Our enterprise-grade multi-layered approach to security keeps you safe at the physical, data, and cloud storage account levels.

When you free your data with Wasabi you can cut storage costs by up to 80%

Wasabi does just one thing: cloud storage. As the only pure-play cloud storage provider in the industry, our singular focus has empowered us to unlock a better way for businesses across the world to store, access, and put their data to work.

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  • No fees for egress or API requests

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Wasabi Pay as You Go pricing vs. the hyperscalers

See the incredible savings for yourself. Use our cost calculator to compare our flat-rate ($6.99 per TB/month) Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage against the hyperscalers.

Our calculator provides an estimate of your overall costs based on current hyperscaler fees for capacity and egress. Your actual fees depend on a number of variables, including actual usage, API requests, and geographic location.

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