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FileCatalyst Partners With Wasabi to Accelerate File Transfers To and From the Cloud

March 27, 2018

Ottawa, ON - March 27, 2018 - FileCatalyst, an Emmy® award-winning pioneer in managed file transfers and a world leading accelerated file transfer solution, has announced that they have integrated their file transfer acceleration solution with Wasabi’s hot cloud storage, providing unprecedented transfer speeds to and from their cloud platform.

Wasabi’s hot storage is affordable and reliable cloud object storage built for any purpose. Wasabi hot storage is easy to understand, easy to order and incredibly cost-effective to scale. Wasabi supports configurable data immutability to protect against accidental deletions, ransomware, and viruses, as well as ensure regulatory compliance.

FileCatalyst Direct, a suite of server and client applications that enables point-to-point accelerated file transfers, integrates directly with Wasabi hot storage, providing line-rate performance that’s perfect for applications such as:

  • Fast, low-cost primary storage for on-premises workloads and application data
  • Cost-effective secondary storage with accelerated transfer speeds for backup and data migration initiatives
  • Affordable and reliable archival storage for compliance and long-term data retention

“As more enterprises embrace the cloud, they are still faced with the challenge of simply migrating their large data sets to the cloud, as well as retrieving that data from the cloud. FileCatalyst is pleased to provide our file transfer acceleration technology to Wasabi users who want to streamline their migration,” said Elton Carneiro, FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services.

“Legacy file transfer protocols and tools are no longer effective in the era of big data and cloud computing,” said Jim Donovan, Vice President of Products for Wasabi. “FIleCatalyst helps usher in that new era by providing a means of migrating data into the cloud at unprecedented speeds. We are very excited about this new integration, and we are excited to share it with our users looking for fast, secure and reliable transfers for their cloud storage.”

To see how FileCatalyst and Wasabi can meet your cloud data migration requirements, visit FileCatalyst at the 2018 NAB Show April 7-12 in Booth SL11516, or visit Wasabi at Booth SL15216.

About Wasabi
Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company that delivers fast, low-cost, and reliable cloud storage. Wasabi hot cloud storage is 80% cheaper and 6x faster than Amazon S3, with unlimited free data egress. We hate vendor lock-in, so we made Wasabi 100% compatible with Amazon S3. Created by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi is on a mission to commoditize the storage industry, making cloud storage a common utility like electricity. Wasabi is a privately held company based in Boston, MA. Follow and connect with Wasabi on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our blog.

About FileCatalyst, Inc.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, FileCatalyst is a pioneer in managed file transfers and an Emmy® award-winning leader of accelerated file transfer solutions. The company, founded in 2000, has more than one thousand customers in media & entertainment, energy & mining, gaming, printing, military, and government including many Fortune 500 companies.

FileCatalyst is a software platform designed to accelerate and manage file transfers securely and reliably. FileCatalyst is immune to the effects that latency and packet loss have on traditional file transfer methods including FTP, HTTP or CIFS. Global organizations use FileCatalyst to solve issues related to file transfer including content distribution, file sharing, and offsite backups. To learn more visit or on Twitter @FileCatalyst.

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