Executive team

Aaron Edell

SVP, AI & Machine Learning

Aaron Edel

Former GrayMeta CEO Aaron Edell joined Wasabi as SVP of AI & Machine Learning in 2024, following Wasabi's acquisition of Curio AI From GrayMeta. Aaron leads the team tasked with developing the company's intelligent cloud storage technology.

Aaron brings deep-rooted experience in media & entertainment product development, innovation, and digital asset management to his newly created role at Wasabi. He was responsible for building many of GrayMeta’s first products, including Curio, and grew GrayMeta into an essential workflow component for the likes of Netflix, Walt Disney Studios, and NBC Universal. He also co-founded Machine Box, an AI company that revolutionized where machine learning could run, and served as Global Head of Business for AWS, leading its Customer Cloud Intelligence and FinOps division.

“AI-powered storage will allow Wasabi customers to instantly find exactly what they need amongst millions of hours of footage and unleash the value in their archives. We believe this will be the most significant advance in the storage industry since the invention of object storage."