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Now supporting Comet Jupiter and Disk Image backups!

Wasabi has partnered with Comet Backup, who provides light-weight, fast, re-brandable backup software. Utilize Wasabi’s S3-compatible cloud storage with Comet to backup, protect and restore. Fast and secure, Comet is available in 10 languages with customizable solutions and free support.

Comet and Wasabi Solution Partnership – Protect Your Customers’ Data

Efficiency and security are the cornerstone of any backup platform. Comet Backup’s client-side deduplication ensures a fast, bandwidth-efficient process to improve backup speed and reduce storage costs. When using Comet Backup with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, service providers can easily design, create and deploy a robust and reliable backup platform to suit anybusiness or customer base.

Comet supports Disk Image backups with Wasabi

Now with their latest release, Comet Backup supports Wasabi users’ capabilities to protect entire disks and partitions on Windows for full system ‘bare-metal’ recovery with the ability to restore systems to either a physical machine, VM or the cloud.


Press Release

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Supports Comet Backup’s New Disk Image Functionality

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Knowledge Base

How do I use Comet Backup with Wasabi?

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Partner Solution Brief

Protect Your Customers’ Data with Comet Backup and Wasabi

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Wasabi and Comet Interoperate to Protect Customers’ Data

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