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Wasabi Sales Certification – The Fastest way to Add Revenue to Partner Pipeline

We like to think of Wasabi hot cloud storage as the easy button for our partners. After all, there’s a reason why Wasabi is experiencing hyper-growth and has recruited over 5000 channel partners globally in just about 2 years since the Wasabi Partner Network launched!

So the good news is that Wasabi is an easy sell for partners. And Wasabi Sales certification is the fastest way for our partners’ sales reps to learn the simple value prop and right questions to ask prospects to start selling right away.   With just 1 hour commitment to our self-service learning path, you are armed to pass the sales certification quiz and start prospecting right away!  How easy is that? 

Since Wasabi hot cloud storage is an easy add-on to applications like backup and replication,  archiving, video surveillance storage, and any use case that requires simple and affordable cloud storage, it’s a fast way for sales reps to easily add to their pipeline.  It’s no surprise that individuals who are Wasabi Sales certified find and close more deals!

There are 3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Complete all the steps in the Wasabi Sales Learning Path (estimated time 1 hour total) 

Step 2:   Pass the Quiz!  (15 Questions – hint, all the answers are in the Learning Path!)

Step 3:   Receive your Badge and Share on Social Media

Upon completion of the Sales Learning Track and Certification Quiz, you will receive your Wasabi Sales Certified Professional Logo to share with your boss, for use in your email signature and of course for social media.

Share Your Sales Certification and qualify for a Free Giveaway!

Complete your certification and share on social media to be eligible for a free giveaway!   The first 100 Certifications shared on social media in June will get a free gift.


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