Simple Sells! Wasabi Partner Network Triples in 2020

Marty Falaro
Marty Falaro
EVP & Chief Operating Officer

Wasabi is committed to delivering low cost, fast, secure cloud storage to customers worldwide. Wasabi is also committed to building a profitable channel program to attract thousands of partners interested in helping us deliver this disruptive cloud storage service to the world.

Part of the disruptive nature of Wasabi is the simplicity of what we are doing. Our pricing is simple with no hidden or variable fees like all of the hyperscalers have. Wasabi only charges you for the cloud storage you use and nothing else. No egress fees or API request fees which are intended to lock you into these hyperscalers. With the introduction of Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS) in January of 2020, channels can now tailor the amount of storage to the customer’s individual budgets for a one, three or five year duration, meeting customer’s requirements while creating a sticky and inexpensive cloud storage solution for their customers. Just this year alone, several hundred RCS quotes and orders have come from the Wasabi Partner Network and there are many more in the pipeline.

While this simplicity is popular with over 20,000 Wasabi customers, it has also attracted the attention of thousands of channel partners. Over 3500 channels have now partnered with Wasabi – almost tripling our partner base in just the last 12 months. In fact, new channel partners are joining the Wasabi Partner Network at an astounding rate of 200+ each and every month… here’s why.

Easy, Comprehensive Partner Program

Besides a simple commercial model, Wasabi’s partner program has been called one of the most comprehensive programs in the cloud services industry. Channel partners love the fact that it is easy to join the Wasabi Partner Network at no cost via our click-through resale agreement which grants immediate access to all of the assets designed to make our channels productive and successful from day one. These channel assets include sales and technical training to help our partners enhance their knowledge of cloud storage and what makes Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage so successful. There are sales assets including datasheets, competitive battle cards, customer case studies, narrated presentation decks and so much more.

Driving Demand for our Partners

One of the most popular tools that we offer our channel partners are our new campaign-in-a-box marketing assets. Let’s say you sell to educational institutions and want to let them know that you can help them with their hybrid storage or migration to the cloud. You can find a complete campaign designed by our award winning marketing team which you can completely customize with your logo and messaging even if you don’t have many marketing resources of your own.

Wasabi Partner Portal Campaign-in-a-Box

Sales Support for our Partners

Besides all of the partner specific training and marketing tools available in our secure partner portal, there are even more resources to help our channel partners generate profitable revenue. We offer deal registration for our authorized partners which gives them immediate access to the Wasabi Channel Sales Team. This highly focused team is dedicated to providing sales and pre-sales resources to our channel partners whenever they need it. This team can assist with quotes, RFP responses, joint presentations and much more. Our teams are located in N. America and Europe and have many tools at their disposal to make it easier for our channel partners to sell Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to customers. We also have a network of specialized VADs who can help our channel partners by bundling all of the ingredients needed to build and deliver complete solutions that meet the many use cases their customers have for using Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

Profitable Model for our Partners

Finally, we run a well conceived structured channel discount program to ensure that there is margin available for our distributors, VARs and MSPs/CSPs. Wasabi, unlike the hyperscalers, is not over distributed and we do not compete with our channel partners, period.

Attracting a Diverse Partner Community

Recently, Wasabi’s Partner Network has been expanding not only in the number of partners joining us but in the types of resale partners joining us. In addition to the traditional storage centric channels we have attracted, new channels wishing to add significant value to their services portfolios are joining the Wasabi Partner Network. A great example of this new trend was announced last month when Wasabi and one of its data center partners – Flexential expanded their partnership. With thousands of customers already using their innovative data center and network services, Flexential saw the opportunity to bundle cloud storage services for the growing data archival needs of its customers.

Flexential customers, many of whom had storage hardware in their cages at Flexential were looking to instead buy storage as a service from their trusted data center service provider. Flexential chose Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to deliver a compelling managed archive storage service to their existing and new customers. In addition Wasabi will expand into the US Central region this quarter with a new storage region hosted by Flexential in their Plano, Texas data center. Since announcing this innovative partnership, we are engaging more and more data center and communications service providers looking to differentiate themselves by offering valuable storage services to customers struggling with the difficult challenges of managing their explosive growth of data.

All of these channel partners are looking for a fully managed, low cost, fast and secure cloud storage service that they can offer to their customers. Whether they are VADs, VARs, MSPs, CSP or Data Center Service Providers they are finding Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage as a powerful ingredient in their cloud services portfolios. For more information about the Wasabi Partner Network visit

Marty Falaro
Written By

Marty Falaro

EVP & Chief Operating Officer