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Wasabi for Managed Service Providers

Wasabi for Managed Service Providers

Laurie Mitchell
By Laurie Mitchell
Vice President, Partner and International Marketing

October 9, 2018

Are you a Managed Service Provider looking for a quick and easy way to cut costs and simplify operations?  Then look no further than Wasabi hot cloud storage—the industry’s most affordable cloud storage solution. You can integrate Wasabi with any cloud-based application or managed service to reduce storage cost and complexity, and improve service agility. Better still, you can free up dollars and staff to focus on strategic tasks and differentiated services to grow the business.

You can use Wasabi as a simple and inexpensive alternative to traditional on-premises storage arrays or first-generation storage clouds like Amazon S3.  Wasabi is 80% cheaper and is faster than the competition. And we don’t nickel and dime you with extra API fees or egress charges, or complicate matters with confusing storage classes. One product, with predictable and straightforward pricing addresses just about any storage requirement.

Wide-Ranging Solution Supports Diverse Use Cases

You can use Wasabi for a variety of applications including:

  • Backup and recovery services – use Wasabi to protect your customers’ data for a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.
  • Archival storage services – use Wasabi for affordable and durable long-term data retention.
  • Cloud migration services – use Wasabi as transitional storage for data migration or data transformation services.
  • File sharing and collaboration services – use Wasabi as primary storage for content sharing services for consumers or business customers.
  • Primary storage for cloud workloads – use Wasabi for low-cost and fast primary storage for managed applications running on Amazon EC2,  Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or your own private cloud.

Wasabi meets stringent service provider availability, data durability and security requirements. And our optional immutability feature simplifies regulatory compliance and protects data against operator errors, ransomware and other types of malware.

Manage your Business, not your Storage Platform

With Wasabi, you can get out of the business of managing storage infrastructure, and focus on managing your core business. We can help you:

  • Improve business results by avoiding upfront capital investments, reducing ongoing administrative expenses and tightly aligning storage costs with business demands.
  • Accelerate service velocity by scaling storage capacity on-demand.
  • Gain a competitive edge by freeing up staff and capital budget to pursue value-added services.
  • Generate new recurring revenue streams by reselling cloud storage services.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention by offering turnkey solutions with integral cloud storage.

Choose from a Variety of Storage Management Tools

Wasabi supports Amazon’s popular S3 API and works with hundreds of S3-compatible applications including:

  • File management and file system extension solutions.
  • Data backup, replication and recovery tools.
  • Policy-based archiving, tiering and hybrid storage products.
  • Big data and analytics solutions.

You can choose the commercial products or open-source tools that best meet your specific functional requirements or budget constraints. Or tie Wasabi into your own customer-facing applications or back-end data management tools. Our multi-tenant architecture and REST API makes it easy for partners to embed Wasabi hot cloud storage into archival, disaster recovery, data backup and other managed IT services.  Wasabi offers a number of different methods to leverage our service in a multi-tenant manner, including a Partner API that allows qualified partners to provision and manage individual Wasabi accounts.

Fast, affordable and simple, Wasabi can help you eliminate storage cost and complexity, and boost business results.  Read the Jack Technologies case study to learn how one MSP cut storage costs by 75% with Wasabi.

the bucket
Laurie Mitchell
By Laurie Mitchell
Vice President, Partner and International Marketing