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Wasabi Has Made Buying Cloud Storage Even Easier

With the new Reserved Capacity Storage pricing model, Wasabi makes moving to the cloud as easy as issuing a purchase order

For years, buying data storage for your business went the same way: purchase a few NAS devices in one lump sum, have a team of IT experts on retainer to keep everything running smoothly, and buy more when they inevitably fill up. This approach required businesses to always be in a storage buying mode, since these on-premise systems have fixed capacity limits which they always seem to reach, filling up faster each year as data output grows worldwide.

This has shifted some with the As-a-Service revolution, where buying storage and other cloud services on a monthly basis became a great alternative to the on-prem model. The cloud provided unlimited scalability and took the hassle out of maintaining an on-premise storage array. However, this shift from CapEx to OpEx left some enterprises behind. Organizations in industries like higher education, medical research, and other related fields relied on the traditional model and fixed budgets to make their data storage purchases. For this and other reasons, many organizations in these industries continue to struggle in the world of on-premise storage and have yet to make the leap to the cloud.

Here at Wasabi, we understand the requirements of these organizations who have been bound by this traditional purchasing structure and are pleased to introduce Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage. This new pricing model gives organizations of any size greater freedom in how they achieve their storage goals. With Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS), you can now purchase Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage beginning with as little as 50 TB in 1, 3, or 5 year increments with a purchase order rather than a credit card. This is a game changer for many organizations. For them, monthly credit card payments are just not something they can provide. We designed RCS as a response to these industry-specific requirements and to allow these organizations a new route to the cloud.

With RCS, enterprises and other organizations can take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud while following internal purchasing requirements. You can buy storage for 1, 3, or 5 years in installments ranging anywhere from 50 TB to 10 PB, in much the same way on-premise storage is purchased. But unlike on-premise storage, data stored in Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage is professionally managed by Wasabi in highly secure state-of-the-art facilities. As with all Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, data can be accessed instantly from anywhere with no additional egress or API request fees. RCS is even less expensive than Wasabi’s standard pay-as-you-go pricing model with even greater savings based on the amount of storage and duration of the contract. In addition, adding more reserved capacity is a cinch—you simply buy any additional storage you need, with nothing to install and no service interruption windows. All in all, an organization can expect to save thousands of dollars over NAS storage with Wasabi’s Reserved Capacity Storage.

If you are a Wasabi partner, you can take full advantage of selling RCS to your customers. If you are already a member of the Wasabi Partner Network, you can find more detailed information by logging into the Wasabi Partner Portal. If you are not yet a partner, contact Wasabi Sales for more info.

In just the first quarter since launching the new Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage, hundreds of partners and customers have asked for RCS quotes and a large percentage of those customers have moved forward and purchased 1, 3 or 5 year RCS contracts. Partners like it because they can quote an exact price for the amount of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage that each customer needs. Customers appreciate the convenience of using approved budgets and internal purchasing procedures to buy the exact amount of cloud storage they need for their data storage projects.

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