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Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Integrated with GrayMeta Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Power Enhanced Search

Wasabi is delighted to announce its partnership with GrayMeta, the leading provider of metadata solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to bring deep content analysis and search to Wasabi hot cloud storage. Under the partnership, users of Wasabi can now leverage GrayMeta’s products to harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to realize value in their content workflow. GrayMeta’s Curio platform connects directly to Wasabi storage. It automatically generates rich metadata about stored video, audio, images, scripts and documents and enables highly refined and rapid search.

The Media & Entertainment industry is generating more digital content than ever while operating under tighter deadlines and narrower profit margins. Content owners are looking for ways to speed the production workflow while controlling cost. There is also the desire to monetize legacy media libraries and take advantage of all the new consumer video services and social media outlets. In this environment, the “holy grail” is to be able to search one’s storage and find within seconds any file, scene, image, person, place or thing to get relevant content to market as fast as possible.

Wasabi is redefining storage for media production and distribution with a high performance service and a business model that supports the notion of multi-cloud media processing. As referenced by MovieLabs in their recently published whitepaper The Evolution of Media Creation, the future of media production is in an open cloud environment where content creators and owners are free to leverage the best media processing services for the project at hand. Wasabi pioneered the concept of “no fees for data egress”, allowing content owners to easily move media in and out of Wasabi without penalty and to take advantage of services like GrayMeta Curio.

GrayMeta Curio automatically extracts and creates intelligent metadata on almost any type of digital asset. The lightweight application can analyze a customer’s cloud or on-premise storage and leverages the AI and machine learning services of various providers – large cloud companies, such as Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft as well as smaller, niche providers who specialize in highly customizable services – to identify people, emotion, sentiment, logos, landmarks, objects, on-screen text, speech-to-text and even background audio. What customers get as a result is the ability to rapidly search for any video segment, image or document in their storage, ultimately enabling efficiencies throughout the entire content lifecycle.

We are excited to see how media owners will leverage Wasabi’s disruptive storage and GrayMeta’s powerful application to take their content to new heights.

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