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Wasabi Has Entered the Japanese Market

Through Partnership With NTT Communications

Perhaps the question I am asked most often about Wasabi (aside from our name) is when hot cloud storage will be available in Asia. I am regularly bombarded with this question on social media and when meeting customers at events. It is my great pleasure to say that, finally, Wasabi is now available in Japan.

Our entry into the Japanese market is part of a new and exciting partnership with NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com). Their award-winning Nexcenter data center, rated as the number one data center provider in Asia for service quality, will be the perfect home for our first location in the region.

The expansion also comes with a significant investment in Wasabi from NTT DOCOMO Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NTT group. Docomo Ventures is a tier-one international investment firm known for seeding Pre-IPO businesses across North America, Europe, and Asia. We are honored to work with such an esteemed global player to bring Wasabi to this next stage of global expansion.

But the Wasabi/NTT Com team-up doesn’t end there. In addition to a new Wasabi data center in Japan, Wasabi will also be offered as part of NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud Menu and will be available to their Japanese customers. NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud offers businesses of all sizes a number of cloud products under one roof, including storage and backup to load balancers and network security. The partnership will give NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud customers in Japan access to Wasabi storage regions in US-east, US-west, and Amsterdam for better proximity to end users in each region.

Through Wasabi, NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud, and data utilization services, cold data archived in legacy cloud environments can be converted to hot data. Wasabi does away with the complex tiers of other cloud storage services that spread data between tiers of varying price and performance levels, making all data available quickly and at no additional cost. For more information on how to access Wasabi’s storage region in Tokyo, see our Knowledge Base article here.

Like Wasabi, NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud is designed to scale alongside your business and data needs, which makes us an ideal fit for this ecosystem. This capability for growth is more essential than ever with data growing every day across a wide array of industries. Wasabi is excited to grow in step with the world’s data growth and expand into new markets. Thanks to our partnership with NTT Communications and NTT DOCOMO Ventures, we are well on our way!

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