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Wasabi for Cloud Migration Initiatives

Businesses in every industry are migrating applications to the cloud to eliminate infrastructure cost and complexity, and to accelerate the pace of innovation. Gartner projects worldwide public cloud spending to grow from $186 billion in 2018 to $303 billion in 2021, while sales of traditional on-premises compute and storage platforms decline.

By moving workloads to the cloud you can avoid capital outlays, simplify operations and free up overstretched IT staff to focus on core business activities.  But when planning a cloud migration it is important to consider the total cost of ownership for the new implementation. Popular cloud compute and storage services like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are notoriously complicated, with confusing service plans and convoluted pricing schemes.  Many customers have a difficult time selecting plans and forecasting costs. Surprise bills are commonplace. (AWS provides a 160+ page Billing and Cost Management User Guide with a section devoted to “avoiding unexpected charges.”) When you factor in all the extra fees, the long-term TCO for a cloud-based implementation can actually exceed that of an on-prem deployment.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Wasabi’s mission is to make cloud storage a simple and affordable commodity.  With Wasabi there are no confusing storage tiers to decipher and no complicated fee structures to decode.  You won’t need a user guide to understand our pricing. We don’t tack on egress charges or API access fees. One product, with predictable and straight-forward pricing, satisfies just about any cloud storage application.

If you are migrating to the cloud, you might be inclined to use a single provider for both compute and storage services.  But you can reduce recurring storage expenses, lower your overall TCO and boost storage performance with Wasabi. Wasabi hot cloud storage is 80% cheaper than Amazon’s S3 storage service.  And Wasabi is significantly faster than S3—even for AWS EC2 customers.

Wasabi works with the leading cloud compute platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.  You can build and run your applications on AWS, Azure or GCP, and store your data on Wasabi. We offer direct 10/100G connections to AWS, Azure, GCP and other clouds via partnerships with leading colocation, private network and exchange providers like Equinix, Flexential, Limelight Networks, Megaport and Internet2.

Standard S3 Interface and Bulk Transfer Appliance Streamline Data Migration

Moving your on-prem data to Wasabi is simple.  Wasabi is bit-compatible with Amazon’s S3 API. We support hundreds of S3-compliant file management applications and data migration solutions.  You can pick the commercial products or open-source tools that best meet your particular functional needs and budget requirements. Browse our catalog of Wasabi-certified applications.  Or check out our knowledge base for information about other S3-compatible tools.

We also offer an off-line bulk-transfer appliance for customers with large data libraries and slower internet connections.  The Wasabi Ball transfer appliance makes it easy to move terabytes of data to the cloud.  Just connect the Ball to your local network, copy over your data and ship the appliance to Wasabi.  We’ll upload the data onto the Wasabi cloud and scrub the appliance.

If you are planning a cloud migration, Wasabi can help you cut storage costs, avoid surprises and improve business results.

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