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Wasabi Brings Ultra-Low-Cost Cloud Storage to the Internet2 Community

I am pleased to announce that Wasabi has been selected to join the Internet2 community.  The Internet2 consortium operates a high-capacity, low-latency network that connects over 60,000 research and education organizations.  Internet2 members now enjoy high-speed access to Wasabi via the Internet2 Cloud Exchange. The entire Internet2 community can now take full advantage of all the price, performance and protection benefits of Wasabi hot cloud storage.

Whether sequencing DNA, modeling climate change or exploring the origin of the universe, today’s researchers need to gather and analyze vast amounts of data—quickly and cost-effectively.  Traditional on-premises storage platforms and first-generation cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3 can be too expensive and complicated for big data and analytics. Many researchers simply can’t afford to store vast amounts of data for extended periods.

Wasabi breaks down big data and analytics storage barriers, providing a simple and affordable alternative to conventional storage arrays or legacy cloud storage services.  Wasabi eliminates the equipment costs and management hassles of traditional on-premises storage solutions. And Wasabi is significantly less expensive and considerably faster than competitive cloud storage services (Wasabi is 80% cheaper and 6x faster than S3).

With our Internet2 partnership, colleges and universities, government agencies and other members can now store massive datasets on Wasabi for a fraction of the price of alternative solutions.  You can use Wasabi to store research data or any other type of content—campus security video, digital media, electronic records—reliably and economically. Wasabi hot cloud storage is instantly and infinitely scalable, easy to administer and use, and works with a variety of commercial and open-source data management tools.

Wasabi is also easy to budget.  Unlike Amazon, we don’t charge extra fees for accessing data or invoking API calls, so you never have to worry about surprise bills.  Wasabi is great for researchers with cash-strapped grants, for government agencies with tight budgets or for any organization looking to do more with less.

Our Internet2 partnership also makes it easy for community members to share data and collaborate.  Distributed teams can use Wasabi as a common storage repository for joint research programs or other collaborative efforts.  Far-flung contributors can exchange large datasets—quickly and securely—directly over the Internet2 network, avoiding public internet latency and performance bottlenecks.

Wasabi is proud to join the Internet2 consortium and we look forward to helping the community advance education and accelerate the pace of discovery.  We’ll be showcasing our solution this week at the Internet2 Technology Exchange in Orlando. Please stop by and say hello.

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