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How Wasabi Breaks the Mold

A new report by 451 Research names Wasabi as a leader in object storage

Object storage services are nearly ubiquitous in the public cloud world. They have a reputation for being “cheap and deep” options for storing data, often relegated to archival use cases. Object storage in the popular imagination is slow and cumbersome, but much has changed. Wasabi is proving that object storage can be fast while remaining inexpensive, and is suited for more than just archival storage. A new report by 451 Research outlines how Wasabi is breaking the object storage mold and pushing the format into the future.


When you buy a new 16GB iPhone, you might be surprised that you only have 15 or so GB of available storage space. This is because the iPhone software takes up some of that space for itself, leaving you with the remaining volume. Most object storage services work in this way. They are built on Windows and Linux hardware which do not allow for use of 100% of their available disk space. Wasabi’s proprietary technology lets us bypass this restriction so we can access all the space on disk, not just some of it. This allows us to store more data on fewer disks, and it is what enables our prices to be so low. Our technology also retrieves data quickly, which is why Wasabi outperforms competing services on time-to-first-byte (TTFB). In both cost and performance, Wasabi’s technology is head-and-shoulders above other object store vendors.

Price and Product

Object storage is known for being inexpensive, and Wasabi’s storage is no exception. Not only is Wasabi 80% less than Amazon S3, but we’ve eliminated fees for egress or API requests. These unpredictable fees throw ordinary storage bills into chaos at the end of the month, but Wasabi customers only have one line item on their invoice: storage. Wasabi has one tier of storage, unlike many of our competitors who stratify their high-performance and low-cost storage options within separate tiers. And Wasabi continues to innovate, making our already low-cost storage even cheaper. Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS) customers who buy storage in 1, 3, or 5 year installments can save even more. Wasabi’s simplistic approach to pricing sets us apart from the pack.


Our mission is to store the world’s data, and we know that can’t be done alone. Since its launch in 2018, the Wasabi Partner Network has grown to over 3,500 members. We integrate with hundreds of technology partners within the S3 ecosystem with solutions from backup, content delivery, analytics, and more. We’ve embraced the channel which has served us well as we expand worldwide and are working to open more data centers overseas to further aid our global reach. Wasabi’s focus on partnerships and the channel set us apart from other object storage vendors and will be the key difference as we continue to scale and grow internationally.

451 Research’s report paints a picture of Wasabi as a rising star in object storage as a result of all the ways we’ve improved the typical object storage experience. Our technology, our price, and our partnerships are key drivers of our growth and will continue to power Wasabi going forward. Get all the info by reading the full report here.

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