Video Surveillance Industry Embraces Cloud Storage at ISC West 2022

Glenn Caccamise
Glenn Caccamise
Sr. Director Alliance Marketing and Strategy

As the COVID-19 pandemic shows signs of weakening, physical tradeshows and conferences are coming back with a vengeance. Like many companies, Wasabi is taking advantage and is starting to take its disruptive hot cloud storage story back on the road.

I just returned from ISC West 2022 in Las Vegas, the largest show for security and surveillance in North America, and the energy was electric. Sure, people were excited just to be back at live events with their peers and colleagues, but there was something more going on. Everyone wanted to talk about the cloud. An industry that was notoriously behind the digital disruption curve was suddenly abuzz with cloud storage and hybrid infrastructure!

Perfect Timing for Wasabi Cloud Storage

With our brand new state-of-the-art booth in tow, we forged ahead with our team of passionate and energized Wasabians to the Venetian Convention Center for three days of meetings, demos, presentations, and face-to-face networking. Our “coming out party” couldn’t have gone better. It was exciting to see so many in the surveillance industry ready to embrace cloud storage so openly as Wasabi’s fit and timing creates a unique opportunity for partners in this space to deliver holistic solutions that focus on making the cloud simple and affordable.

Wasabi’s strategy is strongly rooted in our technology alliance program and is based on a belief that we are truly better together. This approach creates enormous traction for us in the surveillance industry. It wasn’t a success won overnight or the work of a single person. Instead, our surveillance solution is the culmination of a passion project we’ve been working towards for the better part of a year, with a team that came together to understand a gap in the market that we could address. We got to work and created a go-to-market strategy that at its core is focused on education and key partnerships to help the rest of the market become believers. And we are here!

Wasabi Booth at ISC West 2022

My ISC West First-Timer Perspective:

As our first ISC West show, it seemed very well attended, especially just coming off of the pandemic. All of the leading solution providers in the industry were there, ready to talk, promote, and make deals happen. The energy was contagious and so many partners, colleagues, and friends came together to share their passion for the industry.

In addition to our own booth, we staffed a partner pod within the Milestone booth next to Tiger Technology, which was a real treat as we showed off our joint solutions to the hundreds of attendees that were interested in learning about our hybrid cloud storage solution. We had well-attended presentations in some of our other partners’ booths, like Digital Watchdog (DW), and met with our counterparts at Wasabi partner companies such as Salient Systems, Axis Communication, Rasilient, Network Optix, and many more.

Better Together

It was rewarding for our team to connect with so many market leaders expressing a need for better solutions to make the cloud more affordable, predictable, and simple. This is where Wasabi’s simple but powerful value proposition of price, performance, and protection really stood out.

After getting back from Las Vegas, I had time to reflect on how much a scrappy and disruptive company has been able to accomplish in such a short time. All thanks to an extremely talented and passionate team. It shows that we live our mantra of better together and something that we could all use more of. I know we’re all looking forward to many follow-up actions and continuing the great conversations we had with new friends and old ones.

We can’t wait until next year’s ISC West, where Wasabi will be back to continue our focus to educate the industry on Wasabi hot cloud storage for surveillance.

Glenn Caccamise
Written By

Glenn Caccamise

Sr. Director Alliance Marketing and Strategy