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VeeamON Conference to Emphasize Data Hyper-Availability

I am eagerly anticipating the VeeamON 2018 conference with its focus on intelligent data management next week in Chicago. Data management is a hugely important and timely issue, as nearly every click of a mouse now generates volumes upon volumes of data. Enterprise transactions occur at a pace of hundreds or thousands per second. And the Internet of Things (IoT) is at an inflection point, poised to move beyond contained, app-specific deployments to full business-scale rollouts.

There are unprecedented expectations surrounding all this data that we continue to generate, store, and manipulate. Meeting them requires clever data management solutions, and the VeeamOn show at Chicago’s McCormick Place, May 14–16, is where you’ll find them. As a Veeam partner, Wasabi agrees that it’s no longer enough to simply collect, store, and protect data. Intelligent data management —making sure data is active and always available—has become the name of the game. Veeam intuitively calls this new state of intelligent data “hyper-availability,” and that’s the theme you’ll see underscored at its conference next week.

Hyper-available data is always active and continually delivers actionable insights that fuel productivity, innovation, and customer experiences, all to improve how we live and work. To help achieve this state for your data, Veeam’s Hyper-Availability Platform helps you evolve the way you manage your data through five distinct stages (see figure), from traditional policy-based methods to behavior-based management that capitalizes on automation. The idea is to make data “smarter” and self-governing and to ensure that it’s always available across any application and any cloud infrastructure.

The Veeam solution dovetails with Wasabi high-performance, low-cost, always-on storage offerings—and our philosophy that data should always be within your immediate reach with no penalty for accessing it. We are interoperable with numerous third-party data management applications and other storage services, all to make sure you can quickly and easily get to your data, wherever it resides. With no egress fees—no matter how many times you retrieve it.

I’ll report back in this blog after the conference on what I’ve learned. I hope to see you in Chicago!

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