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A Transformational Cloud Solution for Media Management

As a long-time Media & Entertainment industry veteran, I can confidently state that the industry is in a period of profound transformation. Innovative software solutions, cloud computing and artificial intelligence have taken over how movies, TV shows, product marketing and educational videos are created and distributed. With these new tools and technologies, the amount of video being produced has skyrocketed which has created a whole new set of challenges in how to manage and store these growing mountains of video.

Wasabi & axle Video Join Forces 

In this new video-centric world, axle Video and Wasabi Technologies have teamed up to deliver an extremely efficient yet simple to operate cloud storage and media management solution that catalogs your media library. The axle Media Cloud makes it easy to find the video assets you want, and delivers the specific video segments you need to complete production projects as quickly as possible.

Wasabi hot storage is a fundamentally different cloud storage solution that slashes the cost for storing massive video data while at the same time providing rapid access to assets stored in the cloud. In fact, Wasabi is 1/5 the price and 6X faster than Amazon S3, the most popular cloud storage service. axle Video is radically simple software that overlays and indexes media storage for blazing fast video search, browse and retrieval….an invaluable time-saver for production teams. axle Video also offers axle ai, a revolutionary machine-learning software solution that automatically analyzes video files ands generate time-based metadata tags for objects, scenes, words, logos and other highly specific visual information. With axle ai, the time spent by video editors on tasks like searching, finding, tagging, browsing, and annotating is reduced by 40%.

In combination, Wasabi hot storage and axle Video provide production teams with the most powerful price-performance package in media management.

Whit Jackson, Black Mountain Media Consulting

Whit Jackson is a senior executive consultant in Media & Entertainment technology working with small and middle market companies on strategy, product planning, revenue growth, go-to-market plans, marketing, partnering, fundraising and M&A.

For over twenty years, Whit has worked at the forefront of innovation in television production and distribution driving the evolution from cable TV to direct broadcast satellite to IPTV to over-the-top Internet TV. Since the early days of media delivery over IP networks, Whit has been a guiding voice in matters of content security and worked with the top record labels, Hollywood studios and broadcasters on digital distribution policy while serving at Rovi and SecureMedia.

Whit has also been a thought leader on applying artificial intelligence to content production, management and distribution. At ARRIS (formerly Motorola), Whit lead product management and business development for the Media Analysis Framework, a cloud-based video metadata SaaS powered by machine learning for the automatic generation of time-coded technical and descriptive metadata to improve content library management, speed production workflow and enable new video viewing experiences.

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