Unlocking the Power of Veeam 12.1: Your Complete Guide

January 25, 2024By Robert Callaghan

Veeam 12.1 is a must-have tool for data protection, business continuity, and enterprise-grade cybersecurity. Whether you are an IT professional, data administrator, or business owner, understanding the potential of Veeam 12.1 is crucial for safeguarding your data, mitigating risks, and ensuring the continuous operation of your business. If you’re interested in seeing firsthand how Veeam 12.1 and Wasabi work to take your cyber resiliency to the next level, register for Wasabi’s next webinar with Veeam. For those who can’t wait, let's dive in and discover the incredible power of Veeam 12.1! 


Is cyber resiliency your resolution for 2024? Wasabi + Veeam is the solution

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What are the new features of Veeam 12.1? 

Veeam 12.1 brings a plethora of new features and enhancements that bolster data protection, security, and business continuity. The upgrade process is now smoother than ever, with an upgrade checklist guiding you through the process seamlessly. Veeam 12.1 introduces support for cloud object storage, enabling you to leverage the scalability, durability, and cost-efficiency of platforms like Wasabi. Veeam 12.1 comes with new threat detection and visualization tools and AI-assisted recovery options. With enhanced Veeam backup and the power of the Veeam threat center, Veeam 12.1 allows you to proactively defend against cyber threats better than ever before. 

How to recover quickly from malware attacks 

Preventing data loss and ensuring quick recovery from ransomware attacks are vital in today’s cybersecurity landscape. By leveraging restore points created by Veeam backup, you can roll back your infrastructure to a clean state, eliminating malware and minimizing business interruption. Additionally, the comprehensive data protection offered by Veeam 12.1 allows you to restore critical business data quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal loss and helping you get back on track in no time. When paired with Wasabi and its free egress and API calls, there is no financial penalty for bringing that data back from the cloud.  

Enhancements in security and compliance 

Veeam takes security and compliance seriously, and Veeam 12.1 ups the ante over previous releases. By diligently adhering to the license agreement and ensuring proper configuration of your service account, you can ensure the highest level of security and compliance with industry standards. Additionally, Veeam 12.1 implements a new accountability feature called “Four Eyes” which requires two designated users to authorize certain critical actions like deleting backup files or snapshots, removing backup repositories and service providers from the backup infrastructure, and configuring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) settings for any user. This compliments Wasabi’s new Multi-User Authentication feature which further protects your immutable cloud storage account from accidental or malicious deletion, providing a new level of protection for your backup data. 

Ensuring business continuity with Veeam 12.1 

Business continuity is a top priority for any organization, and Veeam 12.1 empowers you to achieve just that. With the anomaly detector, you can identify and address potential threats before they impact your business, maximizing uptime and minimizing disruption. There’s also the new YARA tool to prevent the reintroduction of malware into your environment. You can even automate the recovery process of your entire environment using malware-free restore points.  

Discovering enterprise-grade protection with Veeam 12.1 and Wasabi 

Veeam 12.1, in collaboration with Wasabi, brings enterprise-grade protection to your data. With the integration of immutable cloud object storage, you can leverage the scalability, durability, and cost-effectiveness of object storage, ensuring your data remains safe and accessible at all times. Veeam backup combined with cloud object storage provides the perfect solution for protecting your critical business data, providing redundancy, and guaranteeing business continuity. 


Veeam 12.1 is a huge step forward for cyber resiliency, data protection and successful recovery. With its new features and enhancements, businesses can quickly recover from cyber-attacks, ensure security and compliance, and achieve seamless business continuity. The integration of Veeam 12.1 with Wasabi provides enterprise-grade protection and peace of mind for businesses of all sizes. So, if you’re looking for a complete solution that offers advanced protection, management, and easy recovery of data, Veeam 12.1 is the way to go. Don’t miss out on unlocking the power of Veeam 12.1 and revolutionizing your data protection strategy with our upcoming webinar, “Is Cyber Resiliency your resolution for 2024? Wasabi + Veeam is the solution.” 

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