The Public Internet Has an Upload Problem. Here’s How to Get Around It.

June 23, 2022By Ben Bonadies

The Internet excels at a great number of things: shopping, research, entertainment, communication. Yet the public Internet’s ability to upload large data sets has always been lacking. In fact, the average American can expect around 204 Mbps of download speed compared to just 74 Mbps of upload speed, according to At Wasabi, we know getting data into the cloud over a standard Internet connection isn’t always as easy as it should be. It’s the reason we created the Wasabi Ball transfer appliance, and the Wasabi Direct Connect program.

It’s also why we’ve teamed up with Signiant to offer Wasabi customers a free 90-day subscription of Signiant Jet. Signiant Jet is a powerful file acceleration and data transfer tool that can quickly move files and data sets of any size over any IP network taking full advantage of all available bandwidth. With Jet, you can upload data from any connected endpoint to Wasabi at speeds up to 100X faster than traditional methods such as FTP.

The ability to dramatically cut upload times is reason enough to give Signiant Jet a try, but the service comes packed with a host of quality-of-life features with the high-volume data transferer in mind. Take Checkpoint Restart, for instance, which automatically restarts interrupted transfers from the point of failure. A failed upload is every IT admin’s personal nightmare (think about all the wasted hours down the drain), but Jet offers high reliability for data transfers, especially those with large data sets. There’s also scheduled jobs and Hot Folders that can automatically trigger file transfer to one or more locations, perfect for repeat jobs or keeping your central library up to date.

Wasabi customers can take advantage of this exclusive offer and sign up for a 90-day free subscription of Signiant Jet —that’s enough time to ingest a library’s worth of content at Signiant’s accelerated transfer speeds.

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