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A Tale of Four Wasabi Customers (And How They Learned to Stop Worrying About Storage Costs)

Wasabi’s mission is to make cloud storage a simple and affordable commodity like electricity.  We offer one product with predictable and straightforward pricing that supports a variety of use cases. You can use Wasabi hot cloud storage for primary storage for on-premises or cloud-based workloads, secondary storage for data protection, or archival storage for long-term retention or on-prem storage offload. In this blog, I’ll share some real-world examples of different ways customers are using Wasabi to cut storage costs and complexity, and improve business results.

Primary Storage for On-Premises or Cloud Workloads

You can use Wasabi for fast and economical primary storage for applications running in your data center or in the cloud. Content analytics firm Kaleidoscope is a great example.  The SaaS provider uses Wasabi to maintain massive volumes of visual data for their cloud-based financial services research solution.  Kaleidoscope crawls the internet, sifting through business news, stock data, social media, blogs and financial filings. They use AI and data visualization technology to transform raw data into meaningful, visualized information for financial analysts. Kaleidoscope analyzes unstructured data on a high-performance compute cloud and stores the processed information on Wasabi for rapid customer access.  Wasabi helps Kaleidoscope minimize storage costs and optimize application performance and customer experiences.

Secondary Storage for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

You can use Wasabi for inexpensive and reliable secondary storage for backup and disaster recovery.  The Kim Komando Show, for example, uses Wasabi to protect its huge multimedia library. Each episode of the weekly tech show is video-recorded for on-demand viewing. Every month the show adds 2.8 TB of video to its library.  Like many customers, the broadcaster replaced its inefficient tape-based backup solution with Wasabi. The entire Kim Komando library is now stored safely in the cloud. The company no longer has to endure the hassles, risks or expenses of shipping tapes offsite for safekeeping.

Archival Storage for Long-Term Data Retention and Compliance

You can use Wasabi for durable and cost-effective long-term data retention and compliance.  Novus Insight is a perfect case in point. The managed service provider uses Wasabi to preserve body-cam and dash-cam videos for law enforcement agencies.  Body camera programs can generate thousands of hours of video every day. All that footage must be safely preserved for trial and securely archived for years (or permanently for homicide cases). Wasabi provides eleven 9s of object durability, protecting videos against disk failures and media errors.  And our data immutability protects against administrative mishaps, malware and ransomware; an immutable object cannot be deleted or modified by anyone, including Wasabi.  Our pay-as-you-go pricing model, with no hidden fees, helps the MSP improve business results by tightly aligning operating expenses with service revenues.

Archival Storage for On-Premises Storage Offload (Active Archive)

You can use Wasabi to free up expensive on-site storage capacity and avoid costly on-prem equipment upgrades.  Many customers archive infrequently accessed data to Wasabi to save money. 7 Wonders Cinema is a great example.  The video production company uses Wasabi as an active archive for its digital assets.  Wasabi provides the same economics as a cold storage service like Amazon Glacier, without the retrieval delays or extra access charges.  The solution helps 7 Wonders improve customer satisfaction and business agility. The company can access content from Wasabi immediately and they never have to worry about expedited retrieval fees or surprise bills.

Wasabi is affordable, fast and reliable cloud storage for just about any purpose.  Our customers are always coming up with new and creative uses for it. Check out the case studies on our resources page to learn about other ways customers are saving money and improving operations with Wasabi.

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