Systems Integrators: Cash in on the Massive IoT Market with Wasabi

Laurie Mitchell
Laurie Mitchell
Vice President, Partner and International Marketing

The Internet of Things is all the rage these days.  Mobile devices, remote sensors, video cameras and all kinds of other smart endpoints are generating an ever-increasing variety and volume of data.  By transforming this wealth of data into meaningful information, corporations can streamline business processes, increase worker productivity and fine tune sales and marketing efforts. Municipalities can improve public safety, enhance community services and reduce expense and waste.  Transportation and logistics companies and energy providers can automate control systems, eliminate inefficiencies and boost financial results. And healthcare providers can accelerate treatments and improve patient outcomes.

The Internet of Things has the potential to transform just about every industry.  Market analysts project annual worldwide IoT spending to exceed $500 billion in the near future.  A massive ecosystem of IT vendors and integrators are all trying to get in on the action.

Wasabi helps IoT Systems Integrators Remove Storage Roadblocks

While the Internet of Things has enormous potential, high system cost and complexity can stall IoT initiatives.  Many IoT projects never make it past the proof-of-concept phase. Many enterprises are turning to systems integrators for help.  A recent Bain and Company report identifies systems integration as one of the largest IoT investment areas.

Global IoT Spending by Investment Area

Wasabi can help systems integrators tap into the huge IoT market. Expensive and complicated storage platforms are a common IoT deployment barrier.  Many enterprises simply can’t afford to maintain massive IoT datasets using traditional on-premises storage arrays or first-generation cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3.

Wasabi can help SIs break down IoT storage barriers and improve outcomes. Wasabi’s mission is to make storage a simple and affordable utility like electricity.  Wasabi hot cloud storage is 80% cheaper than S3, with no confusing storage tiers or added API charges or egress fees. You can use Wasabi to store massive volumes of IoT data in the cloud, at radically low cost, while satisfying stringent IoT security, durability and compliance requirements.

Tap into the Immense IoT Market with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

You can tie Wasabi hot cloud storage into just about any IoT framework—quickly and easily.  We provide a standards-based REST API that works with popular web development toolkits. It is bit-compatible with Amazon’s S3 API, so you can take advantage of hundreds of off-the-shelf data management applications to accelerate time-to-market.

Wasabi provides fast, reliable and cost-effective storage for a wide range of IoT functions.  You can use Wasabi as a central data repository for a variety of IoT architectural components including:

  • IoT gateways – store vast volumes of data from diverse IoT devices.
  • IoT integration hubs – maintain software images; configuration, inventory and registry files; and alarm and event logs for massively distributed IoT systems.
  • Enterprise applications and business intelligence solutions – gather data for analytics, machine learning and AI solutions, and back-office business applications.  As a recent Network World article explains, data capture for analytics is one of the biggest IoT challenges facing IT managers.

Wasabi in a Generalized IoT Reference Architecture

If you are a system integrator working on IoT solutions, Wasabi can help you reduce storage cost and complexity, remove adoption barriers and accelerate success.  Please give us a call or send us an email to learn more.

Laurie Mitchell
Written By

Laurie Mitchell

Vice President, Partner and International Marketing