System Integrators: Tap into the Massive Machine Learning Market with Wasabi

Marty Falaro
Marty Falaro
EVP & Chief Operating Officer

Businesses in just about every industry are looking to machine learning to increase automation and accelerate the pace of innovation.

Smart meters, remote sensors, mobile devices, wearable technology and countless other IoT endpoints are generating an ever-increasing variety and volume of data.  Machine learning intelligently transforms this data into meaningful and actionable information, helping companies optimize business functions, automate workflows and improve performance.

Using machine learning, intelligent systems can analyze massive data sets, identify patterns, predict trends and make decisions with little or no human intervention.

Machine learning opportunities abound across vertical and horizontal markets.  Some simple examples include:

  • Inventory and supply chain management – intelligently manage the movement of goods and materials by analyzing trends, monitoring real-time conditions and predicting demand.
  • Sales and marketing – optimize website designs, customize shopping experiences and buyer journeys, fine tune sales and marketing campaigns, and improve merchandise placement by analyzing customer habits, predicting behavior and forecasting trends.
  • Transportation systems and fleet management – automatically route vehicles and adapt transportation infrastructure by analyzing real-time traffic conditions and historical data, and predicting problems and bottlenecks.
  • Oil and gas – optimize distribution networks and improve public safety by monitoring real-time conditions, analyzing historical data and performing predictive maintenance and reactive remediation.
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals – improve patient outcomes and accelerate cures by analyzing massive data sets, detecting patterns and trends, diagnosing illnesses, and identifying treatments.
  • Media and Entertainment – automatically analyze, classify and index video so production teams spend less time sifting through media and more time creating and monetizing content.

Ride the Machine Learning Wave with Wasabi

Industry analysts expect annual worldwide machine learning spending to exceed $8 billion by 2022 and approach $40 billion by 2025, creating significant business opportunities for system integrators and other solution providers. Wasabi can help you cash in on this huge market opportunity.

Traditional on-premises storage platforms and first-generation cloud storage services like Amazon S3 are far too costly and complicated for most machine-learning projects.  Most businesses simply can’t afford to maintain massive datasets for extended periods using legacy storage solutions.

Wasabi’s mission is to make storage a simple and affordable utility like electricity.  Wasabi hot cloud storage is 80% cheaper than S3, with no confusing storage tiers or added API charges or data transfer fees.  With Wasabi, you never have to make agonizing decisions about what data to collect and where to store it. Wasabi is fast, commodity-priced storage for any purpose, including machine data storage. You can use Wasabi to store massive volumes of machine data in the cloud, at radically low cost, while satisfying stringent data security, durability and compliance requirements.

Wasabi can help you eliminate machine data storage cost and complexity, and tap into the massive machine learning market. To learn more, please call or email us today!

Marty Falaro
Written By

Marty Falaro

EVP & Chief Operating Officer