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Rising to Meet Demand: Wasabi’s New US East Coast Data Center

Wasabi’s newest US region data center is located in Iron Mountain’s Manassas, Virginia facility

In little over a year, Wasabi has grown from a single data center in Virginia, to one on the West Coast, one in Europe, and, soon, one in Japan. Now we’re circling back to open a second data center in Virginia to help keep up with demand in our original and still biggest market.

With storage growing more than 6x this year vs. last year, our ops team has been working furiously to stay ahead of demand.  This second Virginia data center, call US-East-2, located in Iron Mountain’s Manassas, Virginia facility, will primarily handle storage for new East Coast customers.

The choice to partner with Iron Mountain felt obvious—they have built a trusted brand that is well aligned with ours and their physical facilities are among the best in the world.  It’s also been a pleasure working with the Iron Mountain staff who have bent over backwards to get our new data center up and running ahead of schedule.  In addition to having an excellent facility, they also have a low latency network that will facilitate customer connections to Wasabi.  And of course the proximity of Manassas to our Ashburn, Virginia data center allows Wasabi to move data between the two data centers at very high speeds.

We expect Wasabi’s storage footprint to grow at least 5x in the coming year, so you can be sure that I’ll be telling you more about our data center expansion in the coming months.

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