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Partner Spotlight #2: Schools Save Money with SHI and Climb

The SHIClimb – Wasabi partnership strikes again! On this go-round, our dynamic trio helped a Regional High School in New Jersey reduce secondary storage costs by offloading backups to the cloud. The solution featured 30 terabytes of Wasabi’s Reserved Capacity Storage for 1 year; winning on Wasabi’s industry leading price, performance and protection. At a time when school budgets are stretched thin, we can safely call this a huge win for all involved.

“SHI’s industry-leading SLED practice continues to help customers like this one leverage the cloud. We are proud to partner with both SHI and Wasabi!” said Sandy DeVico, Director of National Accounts at Climb Channel Solutions.

If you’re a partner and would like to learn more about Wasabi’s hot cloud storage and cost effective payment options, please visit the Wasabi Partner Portal or email us at [email protected]!

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