Wasabi Partner Network Continues to Grow

Jim Donovan
Jim Donovan
Senior Vice President, Product

Wasabi’s technology alliance partners play an essential role in helping us achieve our vision of making cloud storage a fast and affordable utility that’s as simple as plugging into an electric socket. That’s why we’re thrilled at how many partners have already joined us–over one hundred and counting–and the rapid pace at which new partners are discovering us.

Wasabi works with many different types of technology alliance partners covering a wide variety of important storage solutions and related categories. Here is just a small sample of our current alliance partners and the categories in which they belong.

If you would like to learn a bit more about what each technology partner does, just click on the appropriate link below or visit wasabi.com/partners/technology-partners. If you build a platform that offers an AWS S3 interface and you would like to work with Wasabi as a technology alliance partner, we https://wasabi.com/partners/technology-partners/would love to hear from you.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution Partners

The use of Wasabi’s hot cloud storage service with backup and disaster recovery solutions is one of the most popular applications today. Wasabi’s partners in this area include: Archiware, Actifio, Arcserve, Aparavi, Arq, CloudBerry Lab, Comet Backup, Commvault, Duplicacy, Duplicati, GoodSync, IBM, Iperius BackupqBackup, Quest, reevert, Restic, Retrospect, StorageCraft, Syncovery, Veeam, Veritas, and Vertical Backup.

Storage Management Platform Partners

Wasabi works with a number of partners that provide platforms that help enterprises manage and orchestrate how their premises storage environments interact with Wasabi’s hot cloud storage service. Our certified partners in this area include: Actifio, Alluxio, Aparavi, Cloudian, Commvault, Komprise, NooBaa, Scality, Versity, and Weka.io.

File Management Solution Partners

Another popular use case involving Wasabi hot cloud storage is with enterprise file management solutions. Wasabi’s partners in this area include: Centrestack, Dropshare, Filecloud, GoAnywhere, NTP Software, ownCloud, and Storage Made Easy.

NAS Solution Partners

The embrace of public cloud object storage by NAS (network attached storage) vendors is continuing to grow as a means of offering storage capacity expansion and redundancy. Wasabi has worked closely with the majority of NAS vendors on certifying Wasabi hot cloud storage with their platforms, including: Morro Data, Netgear, QNAP, SoftNAS, and Synology

S3 Tools, SDKs, and related applications

This is a broad category of developer tools, SDKs, and applications that are use by our customers for a variety of functions ranging from simple file management to more advanced developer functions. Wasabi has certified all of the AWS SDKs and tools that can be used with S3 storage services, including: the AWS CLI and the AWS SDKs for Golang, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, and Python.

Wasabi has also certified these additional partner tools, applications, and services: BackupGuard, Borg, CloudBerry Lab, CloudMounter, Coda, Continuum, CrossFTP, Cyberduck/Mountain Duck, ExpanDrive, Fog.io, Infinite io, Kontena, libcloud, LucidLink, Media Cloud, nSoftware, ObjectiveFS, Odo, Postman, rclone, S3 Browser, S3Anywhere for Android, S3cmd, s3fs-Fuse, ShareX, SmartFTP, Storage Made Easy, SyncBackPro, TntDrive, Transmit, UpdraftPlus, Vertica, WebDrive, and YarkonS3.

File Acceleration Solution Partners

Our file acceleration solution partners address the growing need to improve the upload and download speeds associated with transferring files from your local premises to and from Wasabi hot cloud storage. Wasabi’s partners in this area include: File Catalyst, Masstech, and Signiant.

Media & Entertainment Solution Partners

Our solution partners in this area provide a range of functionality that serves the media & entertainment industry segment. Examples include: Acembly, Marquis Broadcast, and Tiger Technologies.

Jim Donovan
Written By

Jim Donovan

Senior Vice President, Product