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NYC Investment Firm Saves Big with Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage over Azure Blob

A Manhattan-based investment firm is finishing off 2020 strong with big savings via their distributor Climb, reseller Connection, and Wasabi!     

In this case, the investment firm took advantage of Wasabi’s leading price, performance, and protection with 25TB of Wasabi’s Reserved Capacity Storage product. The company chose Wasabi over Azure Blob because of Wasabi’s much superior speed and performance. Through a free trial, the customer was able to quickly test and validate Wasabi – including an immutability feature that helps defend against ransomware.

“Going with Wasabi’s RCS through Climb was an absolute no-brainer when we looked at all the savings that were on the table. I would highly recommend other financial services companies take a look at this solution if they’re serious about cutting cost without sacrificing performance or security,” said Nate Waluck, Connection Executive Account Manager.

With RCS, partners can purchase cloud storage in 1, 3, or 5-year increments for greater discounts for term and capacity. Learn more about RCS here: To learn more about Wasabi’s cost-effective pricing models, please visit If you are interested in becoming a Wasabi partner, visit

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