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The 6 New Partners We’re Most Excited About This Month

As more and more technology partners adopt the S3 compatible interface, the Wasabi partner ecosystem of applications is growing every day! Solutions range from backup and recovery, to surveillance, AI driven metadata, and CDN. Check out our latest Wasabi powered partner solutions here.

Adobe – Video Editing Software with Affordable Media Storage | Nov. 5

Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leader in video editing software, has integrated with Wasabi, allowing users to access media stored in the cloud directly from the Premiere Pro interface. The Wasabi Panel for Premiere Pro gives users the ability to seamlessly view, drag, and drop assets from Wasabi into a Premiere Pro project.

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Leonovus – Affordable Archiving | Nov. 5

This month, Leonovus unveiled its cold storage data management software Smart Filer. The product aims to optimize cold storage costs by automating file offloads while maintaining user behavior.

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G-Core Labs – Content Delivery Network with Wasabi powered storage | Nov. 6

G-Core Labs CDN and Wasabi have partnered to allow enterprises to store and distribute content over the internet quickly and cost-effectively. G-Core’s service is trusted by millions of users globally and boasts a large menu of cutting-edge features.

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GrayMeta – AI metadata across all media types stored with Wasabi | Nov. 12

GrayMeta’s Curio platform uses AI to apply rich metadata to stored video, audio, images, and more, allowing for deeper searches and faster access to the content you want. Its interoperability with Wasabi allows customers to quickly and effectively search a bottomless media library with ease.

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Milestone – Surveillance Video with affordable Wasabi cloud storage | Nov. 13

Milestone Systems’ XProtect is a video management software for surveillance cameras. Now interoperable with Wasabi hot cloud storage, Milestone customers with high camera counts and HD footage have access to a highly scalable, affordable, and secure cloud vault for both instant access and archival storage.

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Caringo – Data Protection and Disaster Recovery stored with Wasabi | Nov. 14

Caringo Swarm is an object storage solution for on-premises data protection, management, organization, and search. The S3-compatible platform can now be used to instantly backup any Caringo Swarm Object Storage domain to Wasabi for increased data protection and disaster recovery. This partnership offers a seamless move to the cloud via the hybrid model, offering both the convenience of on-prem with the scalability and protection of the cloud.

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