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Network World’s 10 Hot Storage Startups to Watch

The startups in this roundup are positioning themselves to ride that growth wave, offering everything from hybrid cloud storage with smart-tiered caching to platforms intended to deliver 100 percent uptime with zero data loss after a recovery event to a system designed in a way that could enable it to become the Airbnb of distributed storage.

Why Wasabi is a hot startup to watch: Wasabi’s founders have a solid track record in this market. Wasabi is the fifth venture co-founded by CEO Friend and CTO Jeff Flowers. Most notably the two co-founded Carbonite, and together they have more than 30 years of leadership experience in the storage market.

Launched only in May 2017, Wasabi has already raised an impressive amount of VC financing, nearly $20M. Wasabi already has on-the-record customers for their hot cloud storage and finished in the top 5 in the online voting round of this competition. Not bad for a year’s work.

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