What is the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance?

Whit Jackson
Whit Jackson
Vice President, Media and Entertainment Sales

When Wasabi first entered the market, we found intense interest from the Media & Entertainment Industry, as consumers of massive amounts of storage for both raw and finished video assets.

While the cloud has clearly revolutionized delivering video to screens of any size, anywhere in the world, the use of cloud technologies directly in the production process has been minimal.


Cloud 1.0 solutions simply didn’t provide the economic justification or performance to effectively replace the traditional on-premises production systems.

Meet the Rebels of the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance

If you were waiting for the cloud to catch up with your media production and archive needs, the time has finally arrived! Transform your production work-in-progress and media archiving with an open, high performance, cloud ecosystem, with Wasabi hot cloud storage as the foundation.

As the cloud has evolved, new disruptors to the market have risen up to meet the challenges that media companies are facing in today’s ultra-competitive media landscape.

Wasabi is proud to combine forces with the best in class founding members of what we see as the next generation of cloud services for Media & Entertainment. All of the current and upcoming members of the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance have focused in their own areas of expertise, disrupting the price, performance and capabilities of cloud-based media production in ways that traditional providers are unwilling or unable to address.

Together, the mission of alliance partners is to enable media companies to affordably leverage independent, next-generation cloud services as an alternative to monolithic first-generation cloud stacks. Services offered by the Alliance span the media lifecycle from content transfer and ingest, to editing and transformation, to playback and delivery, through archiving and library management.

As a media company, you can leverage the best of the best through partners in the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance for:

  • Improved cost/performance compared to traditional cloud services or on-premises solutions
  • The flexibility to use best-of-breed cloud services without financial penalties, rather than force media companies to commit to a single cloud provider
  • Infinite storage with the performance to serve any need from production work-in-progress to long-term media archiving
  • Reduced or eliminated data transfer fees (egress fees) for mutual customers of Alliance members

Why Cloud Storage 2.0 as the Foundation of the Alliance?

Coughlin Associates forecasts that cloud storage for the M&E industry alone will grow about 13.3x between 2017 and 2023 (from 5.1 to 68.2 exabytes), and overall object storage capacity for media and entertainment will grow about 4.9x between 2017 and 2023, from 10.4 to 51.6 exabytes.

Media companies need to store raw footage, rough cuts and finished product in a highly secure and reliable environment without breaking the bank.

And in today’s fast-paced digital world, they need to be able to access all assets as fast as possible to meet deadlines and stay within schedules and budgets.

The speed that production teams can store, retrieve and collaborate on projects will play a big role in determining their success.


Whit Jackson
Written By

Whit Jackson

Vice President, Media and Entertainment Sales