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Major advances in video management software mark a new era in surveillance video storage

The video surveillance market has changed significantly since 2000, moving from DVRs into an emerging cloud era. Videonetics’ recent announcement of their Intelligent Video Management Software 3.0 (IVMS 3) marks an important innovation in the surveillance industry. They become the first VMS vendor to deliver native object storage integration in their platform. This is a significant landmark in the evolution of surveillance management. 

The massive proliferation of surveillance cameras across all verticals and use cases are driving VMS vendors to innovate and extend beyond basic video surveillance. Video management system vendors like Videonetics are moving toward unified architectures while facilitating third-party integration to include capabilities such as facial recognition, anomaly detection, object identification, license plate recognition systems, and many other advanced analytics. But with the exception of Videonetics, VMS vendors have yet to deliver on the ability to seamlessly connect from on-site VMS to cloud object storage.

The importance of Videonetics innovation cannot be overstated. Video storage needs are growing rapidly due to the proliferation of cameras, increased retention requirements, and higher resolution recordings. This is why large organizations in particular need to be aware of the storage burden they are taking on and how best to manage it. If the cost of storage exceeds the value realized by storing the video, it gets thrown away. Many municipalities and law enforcement agencies delete footage as soon as they meet the minimum legal retention requirement due to the cost of keeping it. By deleting footage, organizations are missing additional opportunities for applications and insights. These include crowd counting, anomaly and incident detection, face matching, safety alerts, traffic monitoring, object recognition and suspicious behavior. Data is growing so fast that these organizations simply cannot find a way to scale, let alone analyze. Faced with expanding storage needs, leveraging on-site, centralized storage alone is simply inefficient. It’s becoming complex, inefficient, and expensive.

In the traditional model, centralized storage requires perpetual maintenance such as managing software releases, patches, and bug fixes. It also requires capacity and performance planning, as well as technology refresh cycles. Increasingly, security organizations and the  businesses they serve want to adopt cloud storage as a way to reduce video storage complexity and costs. One of the toughest obstacles that they face is converting the file-based format to a cloud object storage format. AWS’s S3 API has quickly become the standard protocol for accessing cloud services. With the exception of Videonetics, VMS platforms lack a native S3 API interface to cloud storage, leaving surveillance teams unable to seamlessly access lower-cost cloud object storage services. 

If VMS providers are increasingly evaluated based on their ability to partner with a wide variety of camera, analytics, and storage vendors, Videonetics will surely rise to the top of the list when discerning customers are considering a VMS platform. 

“We believe in building ecosystem relationships and focus on collaboration, and our partnership with Wasabi Technologies will address our customers critical challenges with video storage.”  – Avinash Trivedi, Vice President-Business Development at Videonetics

If you are in the surveillance and security world, please take the time to watch this video from our friends at Videonetics. It provides excellent detail of the advanced features and functionality of Intelligent VMS 3.0.

I applaud the continuous innovation that Videonetics delivers. They have a successful track record of delivering the “industry firsts” with the most beneficial impact to their customers, and they’ve done it again.  I’m pleased and honored to say that Videonetics is an important partner to Wasabi. For additional detail on our joint solution, download this overview. Together we will work to innovate, usher in the cloud era for video surveillance, and make the world a safer, smarter, happier place.


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