Let’s be disruptive together – The Wasabi Partner Network Program is HERE!

Laurie Mitchell
Laurie Mitchell
Vice President, Partner and International Marketing

Disruptive: according to the Cambridge English dictionary is defined

  1. causing trouble and therefore stopping something from continuing as usual.
  2. changing the traditional way that an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way


As a long time alliances and channels professional, I am diplomatic by nature… always looking for the win-win in all things. I generally don’t like to personally be disruptive or cause trouble – unless it is for a good reason! But when a technology comes along that is both less expensive and higher performing than its predecessors, I get excited!

IDC predicts that by 2025, the amount of data stored will be 163 zettabytes with data volumes doubling every two years. Wasabi is causing trouble (mostly for traditional cloud providers) by offering hot cloud storage with  disruptive pricing, performance, and protection that challenges the “traditional ways” of first generation cloud providers in a new and effective way.

My proposal: Let’s be disruptive together! The opportunity is here and now. When you add Wasabi to your offer you can affordably store more data,  make your whole solution more attractive, simpler to implement, and provide an obvious immediate economic impact to your business. We are looking for partners ready to cause trouble with us! And we designed our partner program accordingly.


Now channel partners can be disruptive too!

The Wasabi Partner Network Program makes it easy for partners to be disruptive. The pricing is simple and predictable. One price, no fees for egress or API requests. The value proposition to your customers is simple and obvious. It already works with any S3 compatible application. You can save your customers money, save yourself money and store more data and unleash new analytics and AI type services. It’s win, win, win.


Wasabi Partner Network Program is now available

We launched our first official partner program for solution providers including MSPs, CSPs, VARs and systems integrators to start taking advantage of Wasabi right away.

  • Resell or bundle Wasabi disruptive cloud storage and price it your way
  • Earn volume based incentives
  • Access the self-service portal for easy onboarding
  • No fees for sales and technical training
  • Marketing support with assets and resources

I know you may be thinking it’s too good to be true but it isn’t. And that is the very nature of disruption. It’s here and it’s now – come join the movement.


How to join? (or just learn more)

The requirements are designed to be simple:

  • Offer Wasabi as part of your services to your end customers
  • Provide standard tier 1 support
  • Agree to a simple click through agreement
  • No fees, no minimum commitments to join

Go to Wasabi.com and click Become a Partner and a member of our Wasabi team will contact you to get started.


Laurie Mitchell
Written By

Laurie Mitchell

Vice President, Partner and International Marketing