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Hot Cloud Storage – Year Two

2018 was our “coming out” phase – and in this year, we’ve grown in almost every dimension a startup can grow.

We have the money – with our Series B round of $68 Million announced in September, we have money in the bank that we are spending wisely on many fronts, that will fuel growth for the next several years.

We have the product – hot cloud storage is proven, and we continue to expand our footprint geographically (east coast, west coast, and soon, Europe).

We have scalability – it took roughly 5 months to reach our first petabyte of total storage used, and now we add a petabyte of customer data roughly every 4-5 days.

We have the team – with our funding, we’ve expanded every team with A-players to take us to the next level.

We have the partners – with over 200 technology partners that integrate into Wasabi, it really is very simple to unplug from S3, or use any product or solution that uses the S3 API, and simply point to Wasabi for higher performance, lower cost cloud storage.

We are disruptive – from price to performance, leading the way with no egress charges, and partnering with Best of Breed companies like Packet to bring integrated compute + storage to the market without limiting clients to a single cloud provider stack.

And in 2019 – We Go Big.

Wasabi Goes Enterprise.

Stay tuned – and thank you for being a part of our story.

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