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Furthering Knowledge with Internet2 & Wasabi

Data collection and analysis are fundamental to research. In an age of big data, the law of the land is more. Larger data sets yield new and deeper insights never before thought possible. Not only is compiling large amounts of data essential, but so is the ability to access that data affordably and securely from anywhere in the world.

This is why Wasabi is proud to be a part of the Internet2 community. We know the best results happen when the right people have the freedom and the information to succeed. As the first and only pure cloud storage provider within the Internet2 consortium, Wasabi offers storage at 1/5th the cost of Amazon S3 plus it’s faster than the competition with no fees for egress or API requests.. These fees can stifle research and in some cases prevent institutions from performing data analysis. Allowing unfettered access to data will enable researchers to make new discoveries without breaking the bank. The free and easy flow of data across institutions is essential to furthering knowledge and Wasabi will continue to support Internet2 in this mission.

Wasabi also champions the freedom to work however you like. Other cloud services charge exorbitant prices to use third-party software, effectively locking users into a single vendor. Wasabi is built on the principles of best-of-breed—using whatever solutions are most suited to your needs. Wasabi uses the S3 API, the de facto standard for backup and data management products in the cloud storage industry. Every program that works with Amazon S3 will work with Wasabi, allowing access to our hot cloud storage without incurring any of Amazon’s fees.

The cloud offers greater capacity and ease of use when compared to a traditional on-premise data storage solution. These systems quickly fill up and must be expanded to accommodate new data ingest, especially when working with large volumes of data or large file sizes (a single human genome, for example, takes up about 20GB of storage space). They also require regular maintenance to prevent failure and degradation. A cloud solution like Wasabi offers infinite capacity and costs less than the annual maintenance of an on-prem solution. Cloud storage does not require a dedicated IT team to run either, freeing up time and money for other projects.

Wasabi will continue to service the Internet2 community in advancing research and education, and Wasabi is a candidate service for entering the NET+ cloud services portfolio. We are also excited to be attending the Internet2 Technology Exchange event in New Orleans this December. If you’ll be in attendance, see our speaking session on December 12 where our SVP of Product Jim Donovan will discuss High Performance Computing with a representative from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and visit us at booth #2.

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