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FileShadow and Wasabi Announce Partnership

With today’s announcement about FileShadow’s new partnership with Wasabi, we see how Wasabi fits into a multicloud strategy. As readers of our blog may know, multicloud is a commonly used approach for storing data across multiple public or private clouds. FileShadow’s partnership with Wasabi is a great example of how companies like FileShadow can deliver a feature-rich, world-class product at a cost-effective price point by embedding Wasabi hot cloud storage.

FileShadow is a really interesting application, used by prosumer photographers, creative digital artists, insurance agencies, financial service professionals, municipalities any individual or small business with document-intensive needs. FileShadow connects a user’s multiple cloud accounts (like Google Drive, One Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud) as well as files from the user’s Drobo NAS appliance into a single vault. This allows the files to be accessed and searched instantly, without having to remember ‘where was that file’. That single vault of files can now be stored on Wasabi’s hot cloud, Google Cloud Storage, or IBM Cloud Object Storage. For more details,

Watch the video with FileShadow’s Tyrone Pike and Wasabi’s Jim Donovan.

In addition to giving users the ability to store their files with Wasabi’s 11 nines of data durability, one of the really cool features of FileShadow is its ability to automatically index and categorize files, adding metadata to the files to make them easily searchable when you need the files down the line. Fileshadow uses Google’s “Vision API”, which leverages machine learning to understand the content of images and scanned or OCR files. And thanks to the Google Maps API, FileShadow tags and recognizes files by content and location.

A single, simple application that places all of a user’s cloud accounts into a single location, combined with Wasabi’s hot cloud storage—that’s why we’re excited about this partnership.

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