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Wasabi’s European Business Took Off Like a Rocket!

Since opening our Amsterdam data center earlier this year, Wasabi’s European footprint has seen exponential growth. We have over 2,000 customers in Europe with 100 more joining each month. Wasabi’s European business took off like a rocket when it launched in early March. It collected its first petabyte of data in two weeks, a feat that took 5 months to accomplish in the US. In just nine months, Wasabi’s European data center has surged to over 10PB of active storage and is growing by the day.

Our network of partners has grown to over 200 MSPs and VARs who are actively selling Wasabi to enterprises across Europe. Wasabi’s low-cost, high-performance cloud storage is enticing to MSPs, resellers and bundlers because they can earn more while charging customers less. Sergi Morales, CTO of cloud solution provider Noraina, said that Wasabi saved his company money while improving performance for his customers. “Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage allows us to continue to push for more efficient cloud deployments, using the service directly as our backup backend storage or bundling it to our Efficient Cloud Egress to reduce the costs,” he said.

Wasabi’s S3 compatibility makes it simple to tailor our hot cloud storage to suit any industry or use case. In the media and entertainment space, Wasabi has partnered with Adobe, Archiware, GrayMeta, Marquis, and Xendata for improved editing, access, and indexing functionality for media stored in the cloud. Wasabi is also interoperable with some of the industry’s leading backup clients including Veeam, Altaro, Comet Backup, and MSP360. John Scrivener, Managing Director at London-based MSP Abbeycomp, said “MSP360 and Wasabi made it affordable for our clients to back up all their data with good performance.”

Wasabi’s Partner Network Program makes it attractive and easy for Resellers and MSPs to bundle or resell cloud storage as part of their offer with predictable pricing, discounts just for channel partners, and a portal available for self service training, deal registration and marketing materials that make it easy to promote their offer.

Partnering with Wasabi will be advantageous for your customers and your bottom line. Wasabi is 1/5th the price of Amazon S3 and the fast performance is an easy sell to a customer looking to upgrade their cloud storage or enter into the cloud storage space for the first time On top of that, our EMEA team can provide expert guidance and strategy on whatever questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Richard Czech – Director, EMEA Sales at Wasabi

[email protected]


Kais Brini – Head of Channel, EMEA

[email protected]


Sandie Jaidane – Channel Marketing & Sales Operations, EMEA

[email protected]

Christina Manning – Business Development

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