Ensure Project Backup and Content Preservation While Saving Money with Wasabi and Archiware

Whit Jackson
Whit Jackson
Vice President, Media and Entertainment Sales

In today’s ultra-competitive Media & Entertainment industry, production projects run around the clock and at a pace that has never been seen before. While in the past individual episodes could be delivered in linear fashion over a number of weeks or months, the surging popularity of on-demand streaming now dictates that entire seasons of television series must be delivered as a whole. In the world of big-budget movies, time definitely means money, so the sooner a project wraps up, the better the chances of meeting the original production budget. All this means any hiccup along the road to delivering a television series or movie can spell disaster when it comes to making a delivery date or meeting budget.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, video production and delivery teams cannot afford to lose any raw footage, rough cuts or finished material before the final product is in the can. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but storage hardware failures, mishaps and even disasters are a common occurrence. M&E firms need a fail-safe backup strategy that ensures they can rapidly retrieve media when things go wrong. Of course, this bottom-line protection needs to be affordable to all involved.

Wasabi and Archiware have teamed up to help M&E firms improve media protection and streamline backup retrieval and archival functions. Wasabi hot cloud storage is the lowest-cost and fastest-performing cloud storage service available today. Archiware P5 is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, platform-agnostic software suite for media backup, archiving and cloning. Together, the joint solution helps media companies reduce risk, save money and accelerate the pace of business.

Traditionally, production teams have backed up their most-recent project material to expensive Tier-2 NAS hardware, and moved older content to LTO tape. LTO has long been favored for bulk storage and long-term content archiving; the tape itself costs less than any other storage medium. But in order to retrieve content from LTO, all tapes must be available in the library and the library itself must be free of any other jobs that might block the restore. LTO tape storage also comes with a host of hidden costs including hardware maintenance, human capital and expenses for power, space and media handling. Furthermore, the LTO library is often located near the Tier-2 NAS making it equally susceptible to disasters.

Wasabi has fundamentally transformed storage for the Media & Entertainment industry. Built on a revolutionary cloud storage architecture and purpose-built file system, Wasabi delivers 6x faster read/write performance than any other cloud storage service (including AWS S3) with 10x faster time-to-first byte. Better still, Wasabi delivers this blazing-fast performance at a price that is 80% cheaper than Amazon’s S3 service and comparable to that of LTO tape storage. This price-performance advantage makes it possible for media producers to limit or even bypass on-premise storage for production backup, and archive straight to the cloud.  Wasabi hot cloud storage is instantly and infinitely scalable, extremely secure, and free of equipment costs and management hassles.

P5’s Intuitive User Interface Makes Archiving Data Fast and Easy

Archiware P5 is used at many of the top media operations around the world to ensure content availability, business continuity and long-term preservation of valuable digital assets in the most cost-effective manner. P5’s graphical user interface makes it easy to set up archival policies. P5 Archive can serve as simple asset management for all archived files. The P5 suite can move files between disk, tape and cloud storage. P5 lets users reduce expensive Tier-2 disk storage consumption and automatically move their archive to Wasabi to save money, while maintaining maximum security.


Wasabi Supports a Variety of M&E Use Cases

Wasabi supports a wide range of M&E applications including:

  • Centralized storage for distributed production teams
  • Secondary storage for backup and disaster recovery
  • Active archival storage with immediate access

Lightweight Media Asset Management System

You can use Archiware and Wasabi as a cost-effective, lightweight Media Asset Management system.  P5’s browser-based interface and Wasabi’s cloud-based storage platform make it easy to manage all your digital assets from any place, at any time.  Distributed teams can collaborate and share content over the internet—quickly, securely and economically. You can use the Archiware-Wasabi solution to boost teamwork and accelerate production cycles for a fraction of the price of a full-blown MAM platform.

For More Information

Download our solution brief to learn more about how Archiware and Wasabi can help you streamline digital video archiving and save money.

Whit Jackson
Written By

Whit Jackson

Vice President, Media and Entertainment Sales