Affordable, Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution for Peace of Mind in 2024

November 3, 2023By Robert Callaghan

It’s that time of year for New Year’s resolutions, and one critical resolution for businesses in 2024 should be implementing a robust disaster recovery solution. With mounting cyber threats and data loss risks, organizations need an affordable DR platform to give them peace of mind in the year ahead. This is where Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage comes in. 

Are you tired of getting nickeled and dimed by legacy cloud providers? Wasabi offers secure and immutable cloud object storage at 1/5th the price of Amazon S3. But low cost doesn’t mean low performance. Engineered for data integrity, Wasabi enables rapid disaster recovery with parallelized data retrieval that’s 3X faster than S3. With Wasabi, you can: 

  • Save 80% on cloud storage costs compared to Amazon S3 and Azure Blob 

  • Recover critical data 3X faster in a disaster scenario without having to pay a “ransom” to download your data like some providers require 

  • Confidently test your DR plan, knowing you won’t be charged extra fees to access your data 

  • Protect against ransomware and accidental deletion with immutable buckets 

  • Avoid unexpected fees to access your data 

To deliver an even more comprehensive DR solution, Wasabi partners with Arcserve and its Unified Data Protection (UDP) platform. Arcserve UDP provides flexible, enterprise-grade disaster recovery with customizable RPOs and RTOs to meet organizations’ unique needs. Combined with Wasabi’s high-performing and economical cloud storage, businesses now have access to full-featured DR capabilities at a fraction of the cost compared to legacy solutions. 

This New Year, resolve to protect your organization from disaster with a robust and affordable DR solution. Get peace of mind in 2024 by partnering with Wasabi and Arcserve for easy, cost-effective disaster recovery. For more details and the rest of the story, read Arcserve’s blog post on how our partnership enables scalable, enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery. Sign up for the upcoming joint webinar, where we’ll explore how Wasabi and Arcserve can help you kickstart your 2024 Disaster Recovery Solution resolution.

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Cloud storage pricing that is 80% less than Amazon S3, with no fees for egress or API requests

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